MathMoMathematics student (UK slang)
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Cressida Granger, owner and MD of Mathmos, said: "The lava lamp's inventor, Edward Craven Walker, described it best when he said, 'I think it will always be popular.
Cressida Granger, owner and MD of Mathmos, says: "The lava lamp's inventor, Edward Craven WalKer, described it best when he said, 'I THINK it will always be popular.
Managing director of Mathmos, Cressida Granger, said that she had no hesitation in appointing McDaniel & Co.
TO celebrate the best Godiva Festival line-up of artists in a decade, Jaguar and Mercia FM have joined forces with CVOne and the Coventry Telegraph to offer readers the chance to win the latest Mathmos space projector.
It was declared a design classic by British Design Council in 2000 and was relaunched in the 90s by Mathmos.
Mathmos, regarded as a British heritage brand, has appointed McDaniel and Co, of Jesmond, Newcastle, which is headed by Niall and Rozanna Head-Rapson.
4 Ferruccio Laviani blue Icon pendant lamp, pounds 104, Kartell at Selfridges; Mathmos shade, pounds 55, Purves & Purves.
Co-owners Elizabeth Cashour and Steven Saden say the Mathmos space projector is sure to be a big hit for spring, but why wait?
The shortlist of five for today's award also featured Ms Victoria Barnsley, chairman and managing director of independent publishing company Fourth Estate; Ms Toni Cocozza, founder and managing director IT recruitment provider of DP Connect in Kent; Ms Sherry Leigh Coutu, founder and chairman of IT portal Interactive Investor International; and Ms Cressida Granger, owner and creative director of Dorset-based lighting products company Mathmos.
More dramatic (and more expensive) is a range of lighting by Mathmos (www.