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The reason this is important is that CP violation - the fact that physics does not look the same when particles and antiparticles are interchanged and all processes are mirror-reflected - is one of the three ingredients identified by Andrei Sakharov, the famous Soviet physicist and dissident, needed to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry observed in our universe.
Matter-antimatter annihilation far exceeds it (Star Trek had it right back in the 1960s).
His second approach to interstellar travel would be mastering the production and storing of antimatter that could lead to matter-antimatter laser propulsion.
1990: Precise results on matter-antimatter asymmetry
Kids get exposed to the words and science terms used on television and in the movies, such as matter-antimatter power, space-time continuum, worm holes, and black holes.
These energetic events mostly emmiting gamma ray photons probably occur from various scale matter-antimatter annihilation processes.
The details of that decay could tell them whether or not the Higgs has a say in the matter-antimatter imbalance.
It does not, for example, explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe or provide a dark matter candidate.
Detection might help to explain the matter-antimatter imbalance.
2012 Daya Bay's theta one-three result suggests future tests may shed light on the matter-antimatter puzzle.
Physicists have been searching for signs of a new force or interaction that might explain the matter-antimatter discrepancy.
Matter-antimatter annihilation: "You would need on the order of hundreds, if not thousands, of kilograms" of anti-matter.