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MattMatthew (nickname)
MATTMexicans and Americans Thinking Together
MattMatthius (nickname)
MATTMulti-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
MATTMapping Analysis Tool for Transportation
MATTMapping and Analysis Tool for Transportation
MATTMilitary Annual Training Test (British Armed Forces)
MATTMaster At Table Tennis
MATTMessage Analysis Test Tool
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Matthius Kurowski, 21, appeared before Kirklees magistrates in custody.
Together with our customers, we usually do an amortization calculation," says Matthius Poppel, chief operating officer of EnOcean.
By contrast, the first act of Mad Boy Chronicle clearly mimics the plot of Hamlet: Horvendal's odd behaviour--in this case, partly explained by his recent conversion to Christianity (22)--arouses Fengo's suspicion, Horvendal decides to feign madness in order to spy on Fengo, and Fengo and Matthius (Polonius), in turn, attempt to spy on him, using Lilja (Ophelia) as bait.
Matthius Garcia, an artist from Cavite, immediately caught the attention of media and participants with his life-like model of national hero Jose Rizal.
Kelly's brother, carpet magnate Des Kelly, attended the ceremony along with his children Yasmin, Alison, Wayne, Paul, Eamon, Stuart and Matthius.
With Nortel and Avaya ranking solidly among the top five for years with very nearly equal shares of the market led people to think combining the two would result in a formidable lead for Avaya, says Matthius Machowinski, an analyst with Infonetics.
Laukenmann, Matthius, Michael Bleicher, Stefan Fu|3, Michaela Glaser-Zikuda, Philipp Mayring, and Christoph von Rhoneck (2003) "An investigation of the influence of emotional factors on learning in physics instruction".
The program includes music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Theobald Boehm, Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Toru Takemitsu and Matthius Ziegler.
The lorry's driver Matthius Marshand was unaware father-of-two Mr Neumann was trapped until he had reversed over his work colleague.
A 25-YARD strike from Matthius Blake earned ATHERSTONE TOWN a 1-0 victory over Nuneaton Griff at Sheepy Road.
Matthius turns, hoping he will never have to wake up to a morning like this ever again.
Badland," director, Eric Weston; cast, Brigitte Nielson, Jeff Wincott, Matthius Hues.