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MATTYMoving Annual Total This Year
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But Newcastle are also delighted with the progress so far of Matty.
A tribute to Matty Jordan on a T-shirt, left, and Matty's mum Clare with Matty's friends at the Dormans Club
Matty McGinn and new forward Tony Gray are both unavailable, while Wayne Riley is likely to miss out through injury.
Sadie visits Matty in jail and helps them to get out and the first person Matty sees outside is Eva.
Meanwhile, Pat Horne won the Individual Championship after defeating Matty by three frames to two in one of the most dramatic finals for years.
Matty Hersee Hospital was organized in 1892 by a group of civic minded ladies led by Matty Hersee Wright.
on H Tam and Matty picked up four points from predicting 1-0 Hearts.
Matty Cole took to Facebook to gloat over the sickening coin attack that left Ferdinand with a nasty wound and mum Sue, who seemed to revel in the stricken star's agony with comments on the same thread, joined Ashley Cole's brother.