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MSSSMinistère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (French)
MSSSMalin Space Science Systems
MSSSMicrosoft Security Summit
MSSSMaui Space Surveillance System
MSSSMcMaster Social Sciences Society
MSSSMagnox Swarf Storage Silo (UK)
MSSSMultiple Sclerosis Society Scotland (UK)
MSSSMinimum Statistical Sample Size
MSSSMy Super Sweet 16 (TV show)
MSSSMedication Safety Support Service (Canada)
MSSSMulti Stage Selector Switch
MSSSModular System Software Specification
MSSSManpower Staffing Standards System
MSSSMulti-Story Steel Structure
MSSSMaxtor Shared Storage Solution (networked data storage)
MSSSMudgeeraba State Special School (Australia)
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Two of them were built in the '60s and are part of the Maui space surveillance system.