MAWAMaine Amateur Wrestling Alliance
MAWAMathematical Association of Western Australia
MAWAMiddle Atlantic Wrestling Association (est. 1974)
MAWAMaggie L Walker National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
MAWAMeadville Area Water Authority (Meadville, PA)
MAWAMedia and Arts Watch Association (South Africa)
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If possible let governments improve economic conditions of the people so that such attacks can stop," said Mawa.
The antonym of mawa is muan, meaning, a "miraculous increase," again, especially of rice.
The selection includes delights like Ginger Biscuit, Berry and Badam Nan Khatai, Shrewsbury Biscuit, Mawa Cake, Lagan nu Custard, Toblerone Mousse, 5 Star Brownie and Apple Pie with Custard.
5] Tobacco chewing is a unique habit practiced in Indian subcontinent and is consumed in the form of pan, gutka, mawa, khaini, mainpuri, and so on.
There are several types of Asian-style chewing tobacco available in India, including gutkha, zarda, khaini and mawa.
Tobacco & Lime: Pan Masala, Gutka and Mawa (areca, tobacco and lime] are commercially freeze dried products with high concentrates of areca nut per chew.
How can anyone make milk cake this well remains a mystery to me that too with just mawa, ghee and sugar.
Tobacco is consumed in various forms across the country the common forms being pan, beeda, mawa, mishri, etc.
C'etait l'idee generale, je voulais qu'il y ait plus d'un masque pour representer les esprits de la danse mawa.
According to Additional Municipal Commissioner Sanjay Deshmukh, about 47 doctors had taken ill after consuming sweets made of mawa or condensed milk along with other snacks.
Mawa Tabaca, 49, of Uplands, Stoke Heath, admitted driving with no insurance.