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MGHMassachusetts General Hospital
MGHMehr Generationen Haus (German: Multi-Generational Home)
MGHMary Gates Hall (University of Washington)
MGHMontreal General Hospital (Montreal, Canada)
MGHMcGraw-Hill Companies
MGHMarion General Hospital (Marion, Ohio)
MGHMy Gothic Heart
MGHMeitetsu Grand Hotel (Nagoya, Japan)
MGHMonumenta Germania Historica
MGHMay Go Home
MGHMinneapolis General Hospital
MGHMy Guild Host
References in classic literature ?
All that need be done to set it right, is for you to tell me at once that I may go home and tell Mr Headstone that what has taken place is not final, and that it will all come round by-and-by.
The child may go home on the same day of surgery although some surgeons prefer to keep the child in the hospital for one night.
It was quite unbelievable it was given, no-one could believe it was given and I think he [the ref] may go home and think 'what have I done' but these things happen and hopefully we will get one of those in time - but I did find it hard to take.
One may go home to inquire if his family needs anything.
Depending on the surgery, the patient may go home with one of these pain relief systems.
This screening method should allow pediatricians to determine which newborns should stay in the hospital for monitoring, which may go home and return the next day for another test, and which don't need any additional follow-up for jaundice.
If you sound convincing the victim may go home and check a dictionary.
If suitable, doctors then take bone marrow from the donor's back and they may go home from hospital later that day.
They have been allocated 4,800 tickets this evening, and if their heroes can match the performance level they reached in the 2-0 defeat at Ewood Park, Villa fans may go home happy.
Eighteen of them were admitted and remain in hospital at the moment but we hope a number of them may go home relatively soon.