MBNQAMalcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
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Strategy formulation framework for vocational education : integrating SWOT Analysis; Balanced scorecard QFD; Methodology and MBNQA educational criteria.
The MBNQA is built on a set of core values and concepts that are the foundation of higher performing organizations:
The leadership factor included in most models such as MBNQA, EQA, Kanji's Model, Larrache's Competitive Fitness Model, Flynn's World Class Manufacturing Model, and Koh et al Blue Chip Characteristics Model could be associated with the capability factors in resource based view of a firm.
Owing to the lack of consensus regarding the definition of quality management, MBNQA has developed certain specifications and procedures for quality [18].
The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act of 1987 set up an annual USA MBNQA which comprises criteria associated with TQM (Miranda 2003).
Fundamental Concepts of Excellence European Deming Prize MBNQA Leadership Policies Leadership Policy and strategy Organization Strategic planning People management Information Customer and market focus Resources Standardization Information and analysis Processes Human resources Human resource focus Customer satisfaction Quality assurance Process management People satisfaction Maintenance Business results Impact on society Improvement -- Business results Effects -- -- Future plans --
The MBNQA framework is a world standard for measuring an organization's effectiveness at executing these tasks through a variety of perspectives, or criteria, to ensure that performance is delivered and sustained.
Quality management personnel there feel that unlike the MBNQA criteria, the ISO standards don't include a strong enough focus on customer satisfaction or continuous improvement.
who conclude that MBNQA and its criteria do capture Quality core concepts.
Through a highly competitive application process including detailed reviews and numerous site visits, the performance of MBNQA applicants is assessed in the following areas: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer and Market Focus, Information and Analysis Systems, Human Resources, Process Management, and Business Results.
Breakout Sessions Panel Discussion: Applying for the KAPE Award - 2005 KAPE Award Recipients, moderated by MEDRAD Business Sector: MBNQA Winners: Boeing, Clark American, Stoner Inc.