McBSPMulti-Channel Buffered Serial Port
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Supply of MCBSP 16 Amp of make Havells/L&T/ABB/Legrand/Indoasian
The C6421 DSP also includes two EMIF interfaces, a 16-bit 266 MHz DDR2 and an 8-bit EMIFA, and a VLYNQ and McBSP and McASP interface.
0 full-speed port for PC connectivity, three MCBSP ports, three timers, I2C bus, six-channel DMA, 16-bit EMIF, and 36 GPIO.
In addition to the C54CST, Pantheon uses other TI logic devices including the TPS78633, eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms in ROM and CSL and LIO standards for the UART, DAA and McBSP device drivers.