McRELMid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (Denver, Colorado)
MCRELMcQuinn Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (University of Missouri; Columbia, MO)
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This cooperative effort is a reflection of the parallels between Measured Progress and McREL.
A case in point is the 2004 McREL analysis, which found that for low achievers in math, tutoring alone did not improve mathematics performance.
Based in Denver, Colorado, McREL specializes in teacher development and educational technology.
McREL is a welcome addition to our tenant roster and with their tenancy the property will be 55% leased," said Peter B.
The twice-a-month sessions, a mix of lecture from an expert at McREL and discussion among the schools, each examined one of nine teaching strategies for improving student achievement.
has partnered with respected institutions including Stanford University, McREL, the Concord Consortium, the University of Texas and others to shape its approach to professional learning.
McREL suggests four ways a district could help administrators, whereby improving overall academic achievement:
Comchoice, the company hired to author the DVD in conjunction with MCREL worked meticulously to ensure that all the materials, activities and lessons are linked to major national standards required in literacy, health, physical science, life skills and other subjects.
In addition, educators at The Scripps Research Institute and Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL)(R) have conducted an independent review to align the Passport to Play health, physical education, life skills, art, geography and language arts curriculum to the McREL Compendium of Education Standards.
Additional courses will launch in 2005, all corresponding to the National Science Education Standards and the MCREL Compendium of K-12 standards.
If there was just one thing to accomplish this year, it would be to put policies and plans in place that ensure all students receive a high-quality science education from well-prepared science teachers," she said in a McREL statement.
The McREL Compendium allows us to increase the depth and breadth of our skill knowledge base.