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MDRDMobilization, Deployment, Redeployment and Demobilization
MDRDMichigan Disability Resource Directory
MdRDMedian Round Delay
MDRDMaximum Deflection Ratio Detector
MDRDMichigan Disability Resources Database (State of Michigan Department of Human Services)
MDRDModification of Diet in Renal Disease
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Caracteristicas sociodemograficas segun funcion renal por MDRD Funcion renal por MDRD Variable Severa Moderada (295) (630) Edad, anos Promedio [+ o -] DE 82,7 [+ o -] 7,2 83,3 [+ o -] 7,0 Grupos de edad, (%) <80 31,9 36,8 80-105 68,1 63,2 Genero (%) Femenino 46,8 50,6 Estancia hospitalaria, dias Promedio [+ o -] DE 15,6 [+ o -] 13,7 14,3 [+ o -] 14,2 Estado al egreso (%) Muerto 9,8 7,0 Funcion renal por MDRD Variable Leve Normal (647) (264) Edad, anos Promedio [+ o -] DE 81,7 [+ o -] 7,1 81,3 [+ o -] 7,2 Grupos de edad, (%) <80 36,8 37,5 80-105 63,2 62,5 Genero (%) Femenino 53,6 52.
The MDRD equation has been used more traditionally; however, recent guidelines recommend the newer CKD-EPI equation over the MDRD, and it is becoming more common.
Creatinine, Urinary ACR and eGFR (by MDRD formula) were measured in selected 105 type 2 diabetic patients of 40-70 years of age (mean years of duration of diabetes is 10.
Arguably, the MDRD study failed to show any effects of LPD and VLPD, because of failing to achieve enough energy intake.
It was classified on stages according to the estimated GFR by the MDRD formula.
2], MDRD calculation); Glue: fasting glucose (mg/dL); HbA1c: glycated hemoglobin (%/mmol/mol); Choi T: total cholesterol (mg/dL); TG: triglycerides (mg/dL); LDL-c: low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (mg/dL); HDL-c: high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (mg/dL); CRP: C-reactive protein (mg/L); Pts: patients; SD: standard deviation; T0: time 0; T3: 3 months; T6: 6 months; T12:12 months.
Back-calculating baseline creatinine with MDRD misclassifies acute kidney injury in the intensive care unit.
Cuando un paciente se presenta con DRA sin una CrS basal, la utilizacion de una CrS estimada o calculada para imputar una TFG de 75ml/min acorde a una ecuacion MDRD reversa es controversial, siendo relevante unicamente con los casos de DRA adquirido en la comunidad, ya que la ERC es comun en la poblacion en general.
Abbreviations GFR --glomerular filtration rate cysC --cystatin C CKD --chronic kidney disease ESRD --end stage renal disease CV --cardiovascular DTPA --diethylenetriamine pentaacetate MDRD --Modicifaction of Diet in Renal Disease CKD-EPI --The Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration [Cre.
La filtracion glomerular calculada por MDRD al ano de trasplante fue de 45.