MDRSMars Desert Research Station (Utah)
MDRSMorphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (physics)
MDRSMarconi Digital Radio System
MDRSMidwest Double Reed Society
MDRSMultilingual Distributed Referential System
MDRSMuscular Disability Rating Scale
MDRSMaintenance Data Recording System
MDRSMessage Distribution & Retrieval Subsystem
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FDA uses MDRs to monitor device performance, detect potential device-related safety issues, and develop benefit/risk assessments of these devices.
Since the 24-volt MDRs are only driven when there are goods that need to be transported in a specific zone, the system is quieter, more efficient and requires less maintenance.
The Synectics MDRS PSN, designed to record MPEG-encoded video streams from direct-attached or network-attached video encoders, features a RAID 6 configuration for protection against dual-drive failure.
The Synectics MDRS PSN features a RAID 6 configuration for protection against dual-drive failure and is designed to record MPEG-encoded video streams from either direct-attached or network-attached video encoders.
I highly recommend MDRs conduct and document duty section training to ensure proper sanitized procurement of potable water for the ship is maintained.
Marconi, which has a major operation in Coventry, claims that MDRS delivers a transmission quality equal to fibre - whether it is for long haul trunk connections in under served areas, for dense metro networks or for cellular mobile applications.
The use of SAMS has helped MDRs to be nearly 100% in injury reporting, effectively manage hearing conservation, documenting NAVOSH training and potable water testing.
Tenders are invited for Construction of repair and additional works to existing MDRS complexes, Construction of Hostel Buildings, Construction of Dr.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of mdrs of (r&b) section, Mandapeta (mdrs & Rrs) of 1) ippanapadu-mernipadu road via palatodu, Velagatodu from km 0/000 to 8/600 2) rajavolu-kothuru via electrical substation, Vemagiri, Kadiam , Kadiapusavaram from km 0/000 to 7/000 3) tapeswaram-velagatodu road from km 0/000 to 5/775 in e.