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MAEMetropolitan Area Ethernet (as in MAE East)
MAEMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAEMy Alter Ego
MAEMathematics in Engineering (various schools)
MAEMinistère des Affaires Étrangères (French)
MAEMinistero degli Affari Esteri (Italian Minstry of Foreign Affairs)
MAEMinisterul Afacerilor Externe (Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
MAEMid-America Earthquake
MAEMean Absolute Error
MAEMechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (various schools)
MAEMiddletown Adult Education (Connecticut)
MAEMaster of Arts in Education
MAEMobility Assistive Equipment (Medicare)
MAEMetropolitan Area Ethernet
MAEMacintosh Application Environment
MAEMetropolitan Access Exchange
MAEMilitary Advanced Education (magazine; Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association)
MAEMetropolitan Area Exchange
MAEMercado Atacadista de Energia
MAEMember of the Academia Europaea
MAEMilitary and Aerospace Electronics (conference)
MAEMajor Account Executive (Sprint)
MAEMacintosh Application Environment (Apple)
MAEMedium Altitude Endurance
MAEMichigan Avenue Elementary School (Florida)
MAEMustang Advanced Engineering (Twinsburg, OH)
MAEMesures AgroEnvironnementales
MAEMaarten Altena Ensemble (Dutch musical group; est. 1980)
MAEMutuelle des Affaires Etrangères (French: Mutual of Foreign Affairs; est. 1944)
MAEMaterial Adverse Event
MAEMaster of Arts in Economics (degree)
MAEMember of the Academy of Experts (for expert witnesses in the UK)
MAEMulti-Sensory Aesthetic Experience
MAEMississippi Association of Educators
MAEMaster of Applied Epidemiology
MAEMuseum of Anthropology and Ethnography (St Petersburg, Russia)
MAEMagneto-Active Elastomer
MAEMáster en Administración de Empresas
MAEMechanical/Auxiliary Equipment
MAEMazda Automoviles Espana (Spanish car company)
MAEMetropolitan Access Exchange (Worldcom)
MAEMoves All Extremities
MAEMinistry of Agriculture and Environment (various locations)
MAEMinistry of Atomic Energy
MAEMitsubishi Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd.
MAEMaximum Allowable Emissions
MAEMercado Abierto Electrónico SA (Argentina)
MAEMean Area of Effectiveness
MAEMajor Accident Event (Occupational Health and Safety)
MAEMission Accomplishment Estimate
MAEMassachusetts Association of Electrologists, Inc.
MAEMaximum Allowable Exposure
MAEMetro Area Ethernet
MAEMissile Accident Emergency
MAEMutual Assistance, Executive (Map Appropriation)
MAEMitral Annular Excursion
MAEMobius Account Executive
MAEMonitoreo de Asistencia Escolar (Spanish: Attendance Monitoring; Guatemala)
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0062 Table 4: Test accuracy based on mean absolute error, root mean squared error, relative absolute error and root relative squared error.
Compared with the simple LSSVM model, the mean absolute error of the LS-SVM prediction model with error correction was decreased by 59.
E]), mean absolute error (EAM) and root mean square error values (RQME) and Willmott's d index (WILLMOTT, 1981) value closer to unity.
The mean absolute error (MAE) was defined as the average of the absolute value of the differences between the actual and predicted SE of the postoperative refractive error.
The resolution of the initial and final response surface for each trim tab position was judged using the mean absolute error of the response surface.
The mean absolute error (MAE) and the root mean square error (RMSE) of LAI estimated by hemispherical photography for the two evaluation dates are shown in Table 1 and may provide the magnitude of the error found, demonstrating that there was a better fit for the two data collection periods, between LAIHP and [LAI.
Similarly the results obtained for SARIMA forecasts (in R) with different sets of P, D and Q values along with their performance in terms of Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Mean Absolute Error (MAE) and Mean Error (ME) are tabulated in Table 3 along with the plot of forecasted EDR values of the best ft SARIMA (2, 0, 5)(2, 0, 5) model in Figure 6.
Figure 6 shows the mean absolute errors for various initial values used.
The mean absolute error of KASA, MLS, and AI was 23, 27, and 27 mm with the SD of 47, 47, and 58 mm, respectively.
24] * Significant at 5% level ** Significant at 1% level RMSE : Root Mean Square Error MAE : Mean Absolute Error Values in brackets () indicate standard errors Values in square brackets [] indicate Adjusted [R.
The mean absolute error of the BLS projection for each of these variables is presented along with those of three other government agencies: the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the Energy Information Administration (EIA).
Mean absolute error (MAE) is the fitness function for this selection mechanism.