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MECHSMission Early College High School (El Paso, TX)
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Videos and screenshots, including a brand new launch trailer showing gameplay, can be found on Mech Mice's social channels:
About Mech Mice Entertainment: Mech Mice Entertainment is a partnership formed between children's animation producer Oktobor Animation and Hyper Hippo to create multiple ways for kids to engage with the Mech Mice characters and rich stories, including online gaming, apps, animation, toys, and publishing.
Together with Oktobor Animation, producer of children's animation for Emmy award-winning shows, they plan to bring the story of Mech Mice to kids everywhere around the world.
Meanwhile, I had lost my SA as to what the mechs were doing.
Looking toward the port engine, I noticed that the mechs had begun to open door 64L.
I failed to pass the appropriate signal to the mechs, a major safety violation.
Steel Battalion will make full use of the Xbox hardware in order to create ultra realistic visual effects and realistic mech battles.