Med-LiteMedium-Light Expendable Launch Vehicle
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The Med-Lite contract includes five firm launches: Deep Space One, FUSE, Mars Lander and Mars Orbiter in 1998 and STARDUST in 1999.
The FUSE satellite, scheduled for launch in late 1998 by a Med-Lite launch vehicle, will provide a new and exciting view of the universe through high-resolution astronomical spectroscopy in the far ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
In the Med-Lite solicitation released yesterday, NASA seeks to procure a new class of launch services to fill the gap between the small launch vehicle market (3,000 pounds to low-Earth orbit), primarily served by Orbital's Pegasus(R) and Taurus(R) space launch vehicles, and the medium-class market (10,000 pounds to low earth orbit), primarily served by McDonnell Douglas' Delta II rocket.