MEEIMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
MEEIMagyar Elektrotechnikai Ellenorzo Intézet (Hungarian Institute for Testing Electrical Equipment)
MEEIManufacturing Engineering Equipment Instruction
MEEIMinistry of Economy and European Integration (of the Ukraine; World Bank)
MEEIMar Elias Educational Institution (Galilee, Israel)
MEEIMaster in Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (degree program)
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85) Weighted average number of common shares outstanding (in thousands) Basic 74,620 74,618 74,620 75,003 Diluted 74,620 74,624 74,620 75,003 (1) Amount accrued on Visudyne sales since June 30, 2007 pursuant to and pending outcome of appeal of the judgment rendered in the MEEI litigation.
The improvement was a result of the charge last year for the MEEI litigation.
The full year loss was primarily due to this same charge and the charge for the MEEI judgment.
Non-GAAP EPS, which excludes all charges and amounts accrued related to the MEEI judgment that is under appeal, stock compensation expense, and the gain related to the sale of BEMA Fentanyl, was $0.
The decline was primarily due to the litigation charge as a result of the MEEI judgment.
As a result, under today's decision, QLT could be liable to pay to MEEI approximately US$69.
The settlement of the '303 Patent lawsuit does not resolve the separate '349 patent lawsuit brought in 2000 by MEEI against QLT in the District Court, # 00-10783.
The investigation by the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) followed a breach report submitted by MEEI, as required by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) Breach Notification Rule, reporting the theft of an unencrypted personal laptop containing the electronic protected health information (ePHI) of MEEI patients and research subjects.
The MEEI program was established to provide engineers and scientists with the skills necessary to transform technical expertise into commercial success.
8 A helpful discussion of the use of the plural suffix meei in Ming texts is found in Leu Shushiang 1985:57-59
Meei Meei, 20, has known what she really, really wants ever since she began working in Malayan racing stables three years ago.
Korea currently looms largest for Chia Meei as a market for non-orange juice concentrate, representing 70% of export sales.