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MEGAMichigan Economic Growth Authority
MEGAMolecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
Mega10 to 6 (million)
MEGAEffective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (Conference)
MEGAMedium Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy (telescope)
MEGAMiddle Educators Global Activities
MEGAMunicipal Electric and Gas Alliance
MEGAMultidisciplinary Education in Geriatrics and Aging
MEGAMicrolensing Exploration of the Galaxy and Andromeda
MEGAMichigan Emu Growers Association (Midland, MI)
MEGAmembrane electrode gasket assembly
MEGAMaintenance, Engineering, Grants and Accounting (Iowa state government)
MEGAMicrolensing Exploration of the Galaxy & Andromeda
MEGAMuon (decays to) an Electron and a Gamma ray (experiment)
MEGAMaritime Embedded GPS (Global Positioning System) Adapter (US Navy)
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As a mega winner, Maddison walked away with a Mega Livin' Gift Package that included her choice of a getaway to an exclusive hotel or a Mega Livin' Sports experience.
However, the Judge determined that this contradiction did not rise to the level necessary to halt the Mega Millions operations.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Louis Holman of Mesquite, Texas was named the Mega Foot winner during the "Dodge Mega Livin', Mega Givin'" largest foot contest at the State Fair of Texas Saturday, Oct.
The MEGA Suite includes the OMB Reference models and consists of three modules:
Sorter was named the "mega" winner in the Mega Buckle contest with a belt buckle measuring 16 inches in length and width combined.
We believe it reflects MEGA International's success in helping customers unlock the power of information to improve business performance," noted Michelle Miakos, vice president, MEGA International North and Latin American Operations.
Godfrey was named the "mega" winner in the Mega Height contest after measuring in at 87.
Since MEGA Millions began, there have been three MEGA Millions jackpots won in California, including the historic $315 million jackpot won on November 15, 2005.
The contests kick-off the Dodge brand's Mega Livin', Mega Givin' celebration at the Dodge Truck display, which introduces Texans to the new 2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab(TM).
For each participant in the "Dodge Mega Livin', Mega Givin;" contests, Chrysler Group will donate $25, up to $15,000 total, to the American Red Cross to benefit hurricane relief efforts.
This Decision Resources report examines the pipelines of the four mega corporations to see what lessons can be learned.
But some things won't change, like the excitement and high jackpots that have characterized Mega Millions since the first drawing in May 2002