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MEGACOMedia Gateway Control (IETF working group)
MEGACOMedia Gateway Control
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A Media Gateway Controller (MGC) controls the various elements within the IP Network using SIP, MEGACO, and MGCP protocols.
He added, "The MEGACO protocol is implemented in binary encoding over 2G/3G core network.
8220;MAPS[TM] MEGACO or MAPS[TM] MGCP can be configured with T1 E1 trunks to simulate a Trunking Media Gateway.
Customers work with Trillium Professional Services on a wide variety of development projects, including Node B data plane and control plane applications, M1UA over standard SCTP, fault tolerant applications for a trunking gateway over MEGACO / H.
The M3G supports a variety of signaling alternatives, including MGCP, MEGACO (H.