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MLMachine Learning
MLLocal (Richter) Magnitude
MLMail List
MLMile (5,280 feet; chiefly British)
MLMain Line (railroads)
MLMore-Less (scheduling scheme)
MLLocal Magnitude (US Geological Survey; used in conjunction with the Richter scale)
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MLMachine Language
MLMain Library
MLManagement List
MLMore Later
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MLMilitaire Luchtvaart (Dutch)
MLMetro Ligero (Madrid, Spain public transportation)
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MLMaster Loot (Everquest, gaming)
MLInorganic Silts (soil type)
MLMatched Lines (Nortel)
MLMarae Lassel (gaming, Asheron's Call)
MLMismatch Loss
MLMaintenance Limit
MLLand Mobile Station
MLMario Lemiux (hockey player)
MLMission Liaison (US DoD)
MLMateriel List
MLMaître de Langue (French: Master of Language)
MLMelt Link
MLMilitary Payroll Money Lists
MLMixto Listo (Guatemala concrete producer)
ML(USN Rating) Molder
MLMarxist Leninist
MLMaster Library
MLMini Load
MLMission Load
MLMobile Launcher
MLMoney Laundering
MLMotor Launch
MLMunitions List
MLMatch Line
MLMaybe Later
MLMilitary Law
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MLMedical Lake (Washington)
MLMiller Lite (beer)
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MLMost Likely
MLMucolipidosis (enzymatic genetic disorder)
MLMountain Leader
MLMicrolitre (1/1,000,000 litre; usually written as mu-litre)
MLMetropolitano de Lisboa (Lisbon Underground Railways)
MLMeta Language
MLMilitary Leave
MLMister Lonely (movie)
MLMoses Lake (Washington)
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MLMeteorology Laboratory
MLMotherwell (postcode, United Kingdom)
MLMuch Love
MLMet-Life (insurance)
MLMaster of Librarianship (degree program)
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MLMonica Lewinsky
MLMarkup Language
MLMemory Load
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The company has already been set its targets for 2002/3 of 254 megalitres and 235 megalitres of savings per day respectively and is confident of achieving these aims with its new investment into improving water mains over the coming years.
Spending on all this confectionary uses 21 000 megalitres of water and 750 000 tonnes of greenhouse pollution.
Westernport Water has two wastewater treatment plants which process 1100 megalitres (ML) of domestic wastewater each year.
More than a quarter-of-a-million megalitres of industry-boosting water is to be made available to drive jobs and growth in north-west Queensland and the Gulf.
Leakage - UU met its economic level of leakage rolling target for the sixth consecutive year in 2011/12, with a performance of 453 megalitres per day versus the regulatory target of 464 megalitres per day, and the company is on course to meet its 2012/13 target.
In a report into the practicality of a national water grid, the Environment Agency found it would cost up to pounds 15bn to build a national water grid of five pipelines large enough to carry 1100 megalitres a day roughly 560km from the northern Pennines to London.
Building five pipelines large enough to carry 1,100 megalitres of water per day from the northern Pennines to London would cost up to pounds 15 billion, the report says.
9m water and electricity customers in North West England, said it reduced its leakage level by around 50 megalitres a day to 470 megalitres a day last year.
The 10-year project will replace 16,000km of open channel with 8,000km of pipeline and will each year save more than 100,000 megalitres of water, equivalent to 100,000 Olympic pools each year.
The historic release on August 29--an extra flow of around 38,000 megalitres annually--represents the first step of a 10-year commitment to return up to 28 per cent of the original flows to the Snowy.
The project valued at $USD 330M (AUD $380m) will include a major upgrade to Melbourne Water's Eastern Treatment Plant, and aims to treat an average of 380 megalitres per day, peaking at around 700 megalitres.
Reflections is published annually by Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) to outline environmental watering across 19 river and wetland systems statewide including the release of more than 645,000 megalitres of environmental water in 2014-15, timed to trigger fish breeding, boost vegetation, improve water quality and provide habitat for birds and animals.