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MEGANModel of Emissions of Gases and Aerosols from Nature
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In the one-and-half-minute clip, Megan arrives home from a meditation session with her pals.
Although she stayed in close touch with her parents, without a mobile phone of her own, contacting her was difficult, so sadly Megan was only reported missing the day after her body had been found.
The 44-year-old's colleagues at Vets 4Pets paid tribute to Megan and offered their condolences to her family and friends.
Megan, 17, has even named her dog Peanut after her favourite snack and is still allowed the odd binge when she's not preparing for her next bout.
Ever since Megan was at school, she always wanted to be in the armed forces.
Last year, she forgave her husband for cheating, but Megan is adamant she won't tolerate Jai's repeat offending.
I will never forget the day we were married and yes, it seems like only yesterday," said Megan.
It was only after her death Fiona, 51, discovered Megan had used her precious time to write advice for other suerers.
Megan was one of a shortlist of seven in the inaugural Pupil Library Assistant of the Year Award.
A jubilant Megan races off with Jai in tow to confront Declan with the facts.
Megan is shattered to find Leyla has made PS100 more profit than she has, and so has won the bet.