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MPAMaster of Public Administration
MPAMarine Protected Area (ecology/environment)
MPAMagazine Publishers of America
MPAMaritime and Port Authority
MPAMusic Publishers' Association
MPAMaster Photographers Association (UK)
MPAMetropolitan Police Authority (UK)
MPAMotion Picture Association
MPAMedroxyprogesterone Acetate (progestin used in Hormone Replacement Therapy)
MPAMaterialpruefungsanstalt (Werkstofftechnologie Materialpruefungsanstalt Stuttgart)
MPAMegaPascal (SI derived unit of pressure or stress)
MPAMaritime Patrol Aircraft (US Navy)
MPAMax-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik
MPAMultiple Project Assurance
MPAMedical Products Agency (Sweden)
MPAMagazine Publishers Association
MPAMaine Principals' Association
MPAMacedonian Press Agency
MPAMaster of Professional Accountancy
MPAMidwestern Psychological Association
MPAMorgan Park Academy
MPAMichigan Press Association
MPAMichigan Pharmacists' Association
MPAMusic Performance Assessment
MPAMarriage Protection Amendment
MPAMicrosoft Product Activation
MPAMulti-Purpose Amplifier
MPAMotorcar Parts of America (Torrance, CA)
MPAMassachusetts Port Authority
MPAMouvement pour l'Autodétermination (French: Movement for Self-Determination; political movement)
MPAmedial preoptic area
MPAMpacha, Namibia (Airport Code)
MPAMassachusetts Psychological Association
MPAMember Provincial Assembly (Pakistan)
MPAMicrosoft Project Association (original name; now known as Official Industry Association for Microsoft Office Project)
MPAMain Propulsion Assistant
MPAMaine People's Alliance
MPAMajor Projects Association (Oxford, UK)
MPAMissouri Pharmacy Association (Jefferson City, MO)
MPAMilitary Personnel Appropriation
MPAMagnetospheric Plasma Analyzer
MPAMicrostrip Patch Antenna
MPAMissouri Pork Association
MPAMichigan Petroleum Association
MPAMulti-Port Amplifier
MPAMessage Passing Algorithm
MPAMarketing & Public Affairs
MPAManpower Authorization
MPAMouvement Populaire Anjouanais (Comoros)
MPAMilitary Personnel Army (Military Personnel Army Financial Management System, MPA FMS)
mPaMilli Pascal
MPAMaster Purchasing Agreement
MPAMalaysian Psychiatric Association
MPAMount Pleasant Airfield (Falkland Islands)
MPAMagic Plate Armor (gaming)
MPAMilk Producers Association
MPAMontana Psychological Association
MPAMount Pisgah Academy
MPAMultiagent Planning Architecture
MPAMilitary Pay and Allowances
MPAMissile Procurement, Army
MPAManitoba Pharmaceutical Association (Canada)
MPAMotivation, Power & Achievement Society (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
MPAMotion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals (also seen as MPAPAI)
MpAMotion På Arbejdspladsen (Denmark)
MPAMilitary Performance Average (US Air Force Academy)
MPAMission Planning Agent
MPAMinnesota Percussion Association
MPAMinor Physical Anomaly (psychology)
MPAMaster of Performing Arts
MPAMesa Police Association (Mesa, AZ)
MPAManingrida Progress Association (community-owned business organisation; Maningrida, Arnhem Land, Australia)
MPAModern Poetry Association (now The Poetry Foundation)
MPAMaster Printers of America
MPAMilitary Personnel Account
MPAMultiple Payload Adapter
MPAMedical Practice Administrator
MPAMost Placeable Applicant
MPAMass Parking Apron (airfield operations)
MPAMathematical Processes and Applications (UK)
MPAMatrix Pade Approximation
MPAMaintenance Program Assist
MPAMouvement pour les Autonomies (French: Movement for Autonomy; Italian political party)
MPAMail Processing Annex (USPS)
MPAMalawi Procurement Authority
MPAManitoba Psychiatric Association
MPAMichigan Paraoptometric Association
MPAMaterials Preparing Activity
MPAMaguire Peristaltic Automatic (pump series)
MPAMaryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
MPAMichael Price Associates
MPAMinot Pagan Alliance
MPAMarkov Process Algebra
MPAMaster Power Amplifier
MPAMicropurchase Automation
MPAMatrix Power Amplifier
MPAMain Payment Account
MPAMultiple Product Advertisement
MPAMaximal Progress Assumption
MPAManufacturing Program Analysis
MPAMongolian Printing Association
MPAMeasurement of Unconfined Compression Strength
MPAMaster Partnership Agreement
MPAModification Proposal & Analysis
MPAMission, Production, and Awards System (Army)
MPAMultiple Product Announcement
MPAMontcrest Parents' Association
MPAMaterial Protection Area
MPAMaster Problemlösnings Analys
MPAMask-Programmed Array
MPAManagement Production Assistant
MPAMajor Project Approval (Australia)
MPAMoss Park Armories (Canadian Forces Reserve Armory in Toronto)
MPAMultiple-Processor Aware
MPAMultiple Pulsewidth Acquisition
MPAMasters Physician Assistant (academic degree)
MPAMaintenance Proactive Affecting (Sprint)
MPAMessage Protection Appliance (Ironport)
MPAMyanma Port Authority (Myanmar)
MPAMario Party Advance (video game)
MPAMortgage Professional Australia (magazine)
MPAMusic Phone Adapter
MPAMaster Plan Amendment (various locations)
MPAMerseyside Police Authority (UK)
MPAMultiple Precision Arithmetic
MPAMedical Power of Attorney (legal document)
MPAMusical Performance Anxiety (psychology)
MPAMarriage Protection Act
MPAMulti-Program Handshaking
MPAMicroscopic Polyangiitis (vasculitis)
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Kobe Steel has developed steel with a tensile strength of 1,470 megapascals, up from 980 MPa achieved for existing steel car components.
The injectors, which inject fuel at pressures as high as 12 megapascals, are housed in an isolation cuff made of stainless steel which acts like a spring, absorbing energy created by the pulsing of the injectors as they deliver fuel into the cylinders.
The bottles of orange juice are subjected to 600 megapascals (MPa) of pressure for 60 seconds.
Each load cell measured cone index values of nearly 7 MegaPascals (1,000 psi) before exceeding capacity, which was sufficient for hardpan soil conditions.
The group concluded that baseline performance parameters should be a fill time of 23 sec, gate removal stresses of 190 megapascals, a metal front jet 4.
All seals and latches are designed to be capable of containing either positive or negative differential pressures of up to 10 megapascals.
Compressive strength of all recommended UHPC mixes exceeded the minimum required compressive strength of 20 kips per square inch, ksi (138 megapascals, MPa).
The strongest known materials, such as steel, can withstand thousands of megapascals of pressure but have densities well above 1,000 kilograms per cubic meter.
In a comparison test with various extrusion gaps at 40 megapascals and 100AC, seals with the new generation of polyurethane show no appreciable sign of wear, while conventional seals malfunction prematurely.
5mm-diameter type R thermocouple when breaking after 100 hours of use at 1,400 degrees Celsius, wire using conventional technology breaks under the extremely small force of 2 megapascals (MPa), but the newly developed thermocouple wire does not break until 20MPa of applied stress.
6 megapascals of pressure were placed on the magma chamber, which is equivalent to an atmospheric pressure of some 15.
Overall, pressure treatment at 400 to 450 megapascals (MPa) in the soaked condition or 450 to 500 MPa in the briefly wetted condition rendered Salmonella undetectable.