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MFMedium Frequency (300-3000 kHz; 1km-100m)
MFMezzo Forte (music, moderately loud)
MFMother Figure (polite form)
MFMy Friends (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
MFMutual Fund
MFManual Focus
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MFMolecular Formula (chemistry)
MFMonday through Friday
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MFMinistry of Finance
MFMylene Farmer (singer)
MFMetal Face (Doom)
MFMozilla Firefox (internet browser)
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MFMetaFrame (Citrix Systems)
MFMark For
MFManaged Futures
MFMaster File
MFMotor Function (drawing documenting motor wiring)
MFMyelofibrosis (blood disease)
MFMain Floor
MFMycosis Fungoides (skin disease)
MFMale or Female?
MFMasterFormat (construction specifications)
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MFMedlem af Folketinget
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MFMagic Find (gaming)
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MFMicrofilaria (biology)
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MFMail Fraud
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MFMain Filter
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MFmobile facility (US DoD)
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MFMacroeconomic Forecasting
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MFMelt Freeze
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MFManagement Finding
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MFMeter Fix
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MFMinistria e Financave (Albanian: Ministry of Finances, Albania)
MFMound Facility (Miamisburg, Ohio)
MFMicheal Flatley (Lord of the Dance)
MFMutua Fides
MFMercury Forums
MFMiddle Fork Railroad
MFMerrimac Ferry (Wisconsin)
MFMahashakthi Foundation (Sri Lanka)
MFMessage Forwarder (ITI)
MFMultiple Formulation
MFMessage Forthcoming
MFMethylphosphono-Fluoridic Acid
MFMesocarp Fiber
MFMantle Floor
MFMaxx Fusion (Bloog vapor)
MFMiss Fortune (gaming)
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Epoxy ester resin having 40% oil content was modified with urea-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resins and epoxy ester-amino resin was synthesized.
The adhesives used in this study were Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) resin and Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) resin prepared by CHIMAR HELLAS S.
12) In a melamine-formaldehyde cured latex system, it has been reported that the interdiffusion prior to crosslinking provided a relatively uniform crosslinked network with high mechanical strength.
The melamine-formaldehyde detackifiers that BC4200NP is replacing are derived from nonrenewable natural gas supplies and contain residual amounts of free formaldehyde as a necessary consequence of the resin production operation.
The control (Compound 3) was bonded with polyester cord pre-treated with a melamine-formaldehyde resin and dipped into an additional adhesive compound.
When melamine-formaldehyde resin was used it was added as a colloidal solution made by dissolving the resin in the form of a fine white powder in warm water acidified with hydrochloric acid.
These include formaldehyde for use in manufacture of polymers, urea-formaldehyde concentrate for the fertilizer and resin industries, wet strength resins for the paper-making industry, and specialty urea-formaldehyde, melamine-formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde resins for a wide range of uses in both liquid and powder forms.
Major use of formaldehyde is production of urea-, phenol-, and melamine-formaldehyde (UF, MF, and PF) resins, accounting for 66% of total global consumption.
For example, the methoxymethyl groups of melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resins have been shown to react with primary carbamate groups and secondary carbamate (urethane) groups at elevated temperatures (greater than 120[degrees]C) to provide polyurethane coatings with exceptional properties such as improved acid rain resistance, weatherability, and scratch resistance.
Melamine-formaldehyde (MF) adhesives, being more water resistant but more expensive than UF, has been used to improve UF adhesives or used by itself as an exterior adhesive, especially outside North America.
0 g of melamine and 5 mL of 37% formaldehyde were mixed in 5 mL of distilled water yielding the prepolymer solution of melamine-formaldehyde (abridged as M-F prepolymer); and resultant mixed solution was adjusted to pH = 8.
Melamine-formaldehyde resins are already used heavily in laminate flooring, says Ulf Panzer of Agrolinz Melamine international GmbH.