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M2MMachine-to-Machine (communication, mainly mobile)
M2MMobile to Mobile (cellular phone)
M2MMonth to Month
M2MMinutes to Midnight (Linkin Park album)
M2MMen to Men
M2MMetal to Metal (semiconductor antifuse structure)
M2MMorning to Midnight (New York grocery store)
M2MMarketplace to Marketplace
M2MMay 2nd Movement (anti-vietnam student movement)
M2MMark2Market (energy trading term)
M2MMilitary to Military (Program)
M2MMarit to Marion (musical group)
M2MMailbox-To-Mailbox (Sprint)
M2MManufacturer to Manufacturer (e-commerce exchange)
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Our hope is that this new member-to-member marketplace will add unmatched value to our members' existing experience by allowing them to now redeem points for products and services from other members, and to sell their own beauty and fashion products to those who can appreciate their value," says Kevin Gaines, marketing director of SocialBeauties.
Userplane applications features streaming audio and video through Userplane's Flash MX-based client and permits member-to-member communication via multiple, resizable windows.
com/), launched its affiliate program today, allowing video game and entertainment websites to share in the success of its member-to-member video game marketplace.
Smith continued, "As with our unlimited member-to-member long distance calling program, we are hoping to leverage the viral aspects of ztelonline.
Today, businesses and associations worldwide are discovering the benefits of using CommunityZero as an effective channel for organization-to-member and member-to-member communications.
com's help, advice, and technical support strategy, which is designed to capitalize on the company's broad name recognition with digital media professionals by providing a forum for member-to-member support services.
Features of the site include advice from experts; industry events; member-to-member peer connections and idea exchanges.
Lenders and vendors can expect greater market penetration, reduced marketing costs and revenue enhancement through member-to-member transactions.
0 technology is a perfect complement to these exciting new ASP initiatives because it allows you to design member-to-member interaction into the site from day one.
The company is focused on building Internet tools that business-to-business Internet site owners can use to enhance member-to-member communications, transactions and knowledge sharing.
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