MEPPSMichigan Emergency Pharmaceutical Program for Seniors
MEPPSMultiple Entry Point Postage System (USPS)
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Kielder: Powerbait and worm cocktail, small Mepps Scaling: Pink and Chartreuse Powerbait, worm or maggot with Powerbait Eggs.
Kevin Foster had an 18lb salmon in the Stanley Burn Pool at Wylam on a number one Mepps.
Fontburn: Mepps type Spinners, ledgered Orange PowerBait, Glitter Eggs.
I rushed to spin the pool and was very surprised when I saw a salmon turn on my mepps at the very first cast.
I should have moved the T-5 Jenny behind the outboard MEPP, but decided not to make any more moves than necessary to get the job done.
The trophy winners for the Northumbrian Anglers Federation for the 2015 season are now finalised, with Brian Douglas landing the first fish of the season - an 8lb salmon caught on a Mepps.
BAIT BOX Derwent: Orange Mice-tails with Magic Dust, Gold Toby, Mepps.
One of the most successful anglers on the lower Towy during the days of plenty in the '70s always used a Copper Mepps.
But the uneatable lure they find hard to resist is a Mepps spinner cast across the tide and allowed to swing around and down before a slow 'twitching' retrieve.
Sheldons' uses hair from the tails to dress the hooks of many of their Mepps bass, trout, panfish, pike and walleye lures.
M Foster took a good limit bag on Mepps and ledgered Powerbait Eggs.
Kielder: Worm, sweet corn, Quill Minnow, Yellow and Red Mepps.