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MERMercredi (French: Wednesday)
MERModulation Error Ratio (digital communications)
MERMerrill Lynch (stock symbol)
MERMercoledì (Italian: Wednesday)
MERMonthly Energy Review
MERManagement Expense Ratio
MERMiddle East Report
MERManagement Economie en Recht (Dutch)
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MERMiddle East Region (Society of Petroleum Engineers)
MERMid-East Realities
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MERMedical Education and Research (exam)
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MERMultiple Ejector Rack
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MERMaximum Effective Range
MERMechanical Equipment Room
MERMonthly Economic Review
MERMarketing Education Review (journal)
MERMathematics and Education Reform
MERManpower Estimate Report
MERMessage Error Rate
MERMarine Environmental Response (US Coast Guard Marine Safety Office)
MERMinimum Energy Requirements
MERMonitoring, Evaluation and Research
MERMain Engine Room
MERManagement and Employment Relations
MERMouvement Européen de La Ruralité (French: European Countryside Movement)
MERMaximum Error Rate
MERMedical Expense Reimbursement
MERMental Health: Evidence and Research Team (WHO)
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MERMinimum Educational Requirement
MERMileu-Effect Rapportage
MERMinimum Essential Requirement
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MERMission Essential Requirement
MERManpower Estimate Relationship
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Mercator is an insurance wholesaler based in New York.
Mercator InsideDataExchange has provided Reliant with an open architecture for managing business processes and transaction flows between Reliant and our trading partners, enabling us to better serve customers in the deregulated environment," stated David Craig, Reliant's director, back-office IT.
Lloyd Adams, Mercator's vice president for manufacturing, distribution and retail said, "ASUG provides an excellent opportunity for our mutual customers to gain insight about the latest offerings from Mercator and SAP.
Mercator CTO David Linthicum said, "Customers interested in exploiting the benefits of Web services without having to rip out and replace their existing IT systems will be pleased to know that Mercator has the answer.
Mercator President of Field Operations Mark Register said, "Since we introduced it to the market just a few months ago, Mercator Healthcare HUB(TM) has been rapidly gaining traction with premier healthcare organizations like HMSA and helping them "move beyond HIPAA" to handle a wide range of healthcare integration needs.
Mercator has agreed to reimburse SSH $300,000 for expenses related to the proxy contest and SSH has agreed that it will not initiate another proxy contest or make an unsolicited offer for the Company until at least January 15, 2004.
Mercator InsideIVANSP&C leverages Mercator Inside Integrator(TM), combined with IVANS technology to support specific data definitions for the property and casualty messages, as well as integration of IVANS Transfer Manager communications client which reaches over 20,000 agencies currently using IVANS mailbox solutions.
The interface between Mercator InsideOmgeo CTM(TM) and Omgeo CTM builds on our industry leading integration capabilities to provide clients with a market leading solution for connectivity to Omgeo CTM.
Mercator leverages existing information technology without complex systems changes, enabling the fast and efficient compliance with government mandates and industry standards.
In a full clinical scenario involving multiple vendors and processes, Mercator will demonstrate interoperable support of a healthcare claim with a clinical data attachment resulting in a faster, more streamlined healthcare adjudication process between healthcare providers and insurance payers.