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MESALMillion Equivalent Standard Axle Loads
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This large Holarctic genus is primarily diagnosed by the following characters: body variable in coloration, not exhibiting green tinge, oval to elongate oval, with length 3-6 mm, sometimes shortened and broadened in 9; dorsal surface with simple setae and woolly or sericeous, scalelike setae that are very easily abraded; pronotum, scutellum and hemelytra weakly shagreened, usually with densely distributed, scalelike setae and simple, darker setae; metafemur rather tumid; male genital segment usually with a longitudinal, mesal keel ventrally; endosoma generally C-shaped, not strongly twisted, with rather complex apical region.
30[degrees] angle to meet mesal edge; fang extends across distal edge and along mesal angle; many peg-teeth extend from distal edge down full length of mesal edge; stridulatory organ (if present) not visible.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the generally pale brown, oval body, sanguineous apices of the embolium and cuneus, and dark mesal part of the mesoscutum and apex of the scutellum (Figs.
4); cheliceral promargin with three teeth, retromargin with two teeth; shaggy seta distinct (Figs 5, 6); labium trapezoidal, wider than long; endites straight laterally with indistinct serrula comprising short blunt denticles, with dense maxillar hair tuft on mesal margins (Figs 7, 8).
Muma (1951) placed the genus Hemerotrecha in the Therobatinae based on the style-like fixed cheliceral finger, undulate ventrally or with small modified denticles, none, or, at best, a very faint mesal ventral groove, and the female operculum variously developed.
Chelicera: basichelicerite with 1 ectal row of irregularly placed tubercles and 1 mesal row of tubercles (distal larger).