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MESALMillion Equivalent Standard Axle Loads
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Sternites 2-7 rectangular with a caudal row of setae, irregular mesal rows of setae and a pair of trichoid sensilla; sternite 8 sclerotized, rectangular, conspicuously shorter than sternite 7, with scattered setae near distal margin and at mesal region and a pair of trichoid sensilla.
Epiproct trapeziform, with a field of spicules along posterior border, a field of setae on each side, and 1-3 mesal macrosetae, towards anterior border.
Paraprocts of two pieces, a proximal one elliptic and joined to clunium; distal piece with a sclerotized, curved mesal prong; sensory fields with 11 trichobothria issuing from basal rosettes, and one marginal trichobothrium without basal rosette (Figs.
Hembra con paraproctos sin areas de setas gruesas y cortas a lo largo del margen mesal en la mitad ventral .
Thorax (Figs 6, 7): Collar glossy black, lateroventrally pruinose, also some pruinosity along anterior margin and on central knob; scutum glossy black with pruinose mesal band on posterior 3/4 which combined with a broad transverse pruinose band gives a T-shaped cross (Figs 6, 7), however this cross is not or hardly extending in anterior direction like in the complete cross of Diopsis cruciata (Lindner stated 'grauer Bestaubung, die kreuzformig ist,' but also the holotype has only a T-cross), width of the transverse band varies from broad in the holotype to rather narrow with two short symmetrical interruptions in a Congo [male] (Fig.
Embolium with broad sub-apical band dark reddish-brown, otherwise whitish; cuneus reddish with basal mesal angle whitish.
Macho con proceso espinoso mesal en la margen de la metacoxa.
Trocanter con un par de dientes ventrales; femur con una hilera ventral de 15 o mas denticulos y con granulos dorsales, con espina mesoapical; patela con dos granulos dorsales; tibia con una hilera mesal de tres dientes y dos espinas (en posicion [2.
9, 10): cymbium tip with two ventral macrosetae, lateral apophysis with mesal protrusion (Fig.