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MESOMulti-community Environmental Storm Observatory
MESOMarine Environmental Support Office (San Diego, CA)
MESOMusicians Emeritus Symphony Orchestra (Seattle, WA)
MESOMulti-Ethnic Student Organization (various schools)
MESOMunicipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma, Inc. (Oklahoma City, OK)
MESOMiddle East Studies Organization (City University of New York)
MESOMicro-Enterprise Services Organization (Portland, OR)
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Mr Meso pleaded not guilty and was released on a bond of Sh1 million.
Rockville, Maryland-based biotechnology company Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC (MSD) has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its conventional C-reactive protein (CRP) assay for in-vitro diagnostic use in the US, the company said.
Meso Scale Diagnostics added that its cleared assay system includes the MESO SECTOR S 700, which is intended for the in-vitro determination of analytes in bodily fluids.
The company said that its numismatic experiment, launched as a vertical in conjunction with the startup of Meso Numismatics, was pursued as a cost-effective way to target and market to a specialty travel audience.
2] The meso appendix is the part of the appendix that contains the blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics that supply and drain the appendix.
Meso C facial is a non--surgical method of correcting different aesthetic skin problems in the derma.
HOOPERS (63)- Torres 17, Ortiz 15, Meso 11, Canonigo 8, Prosia 6, Prieto 6.
The Make Your Mark for Meso tree is an opportunity for people to physically make the promise to raise awareness about asbestos to just one person, be that a family member, work colleague or friend.
you tothestaffat especially were so agarden have for meso couldhelp, can go to My heart goes out to him and his devastated family, including his poor innocent son who has been forever deprived of his dad.
Meso sens therapy RF can be compared to Thermage working in biopolar Bio-stimulators radiofrequency, but Meso sens therapy RF, which provides the same results, is available for 15 times less the cost of the Thermage device.
Various BODIPY derivatives with electron withdrawing and donating groups at the meso position have been synthesized (Loudet & Burgess 2007, Bonardi et al.