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Demographic, clinic and laboratory characteristics of the patients with methemoglobinemia Birth Postnatal Gender Complaints Hb MetHb Weight age (day) (gr/dL) (%) (g) Case 4000 45 Male Cyanosis 10.
Their blood was tested for MetHb level and results revealed MetHb range from 0.
In 1961, Schmitz described a possible relationship between high maternal MetHb levels and spontaneous abortion.
The field investigation indicated that the children with MetHb had eaten soup served during the second lunch period.
Neither the postmortem interval nor evidence of body decomposition (both of which are known to increase MetHb concentration) affected the correlation of the CO-oximeter and spectrophotometer results.
TABLE 1 Types of cytochrome b5 reductase efficiency Type % of Cases with deficiency Clinical Features I 85-90% Cyanotic usually asymtomatic, normal survival and pregnancies, can develop toxic levels of metHb when affected by exposure to drugs II 10-15% Severe and fatal, associated with neurological and skeletal abnormalities III Rare Intermediate in severity between I and II IV Rare Type Level of metHb Site of Defect I 20-40% Decreased RBC NADH-dependent metHb reductase II ?
A medida que la desnaturalizacion progresa, la metHb se convierte en hemicromos.
MetHb cannot bind oxygen, and the condition of methemoglobinemia is characterized by cyanosis, stupor, and cerebral anoxia (Fan et al.
The AVOXimeter 4000 is an inexpensive, portable co-oximeter that uses state-of-the-art optical technology to measure tHb, O2Hb, MetHb, and COHb at bedside.
Determination of ctHb by the standard method and correction for the fractions of MetHb and COHb thus made simple determination of the oxygen capacity possible.
The patient was admitted to the medical intensive care unit, treated with 100% oxygen through a rebreather face mask, and started on antibiotics (azithromycin and ceftriaxone) with diagnoses of pneumonia and carbon monoxide poisoning after confirmation from the chemistry laboratory that the MetHb and COHb results were not mistranscribed or reversed.