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MTMMedication Therapy Management
MTMMade to Measure
MTMMethods Time Measurement
MTMMarked to Market
MTMMyotubular Myopathy
MTMMinutes to Midnight (Linkin Park album)
MTMMonster Truck Madness
MTMMountaintop Mining (surface mining technique)
MTMMobile Trusted Module (Trusted Computing Group)
MTMMinnesota Transportation Museum
MTMMild to Moderate
MTMMobile-to-Mobile (telecommunications)
MTMMaster of Technology Management
MTMMulti-Taper Method
MTMMultitracker Module (a digital music format)
MTMMetal to Metal
MTMMillion Ton Miles
MTMManeaban Te Mauri Party (Kiribati)
MTMMoment To Moment
MTMMetaalkunde en Toegepaste Materiaalkunde
MTMMichigan Transit Museum
MTMMechanical Test Model
MTMMissions to Military
MTMManage the Manager (fund)
MTMMultimedia Terminal Mobile (mobile phones)
MTMMcNeilus Truck and Manufacturing (Dodge Center, Minnesota)
MTMModel Test Model
MTMMaster of Transport Management
MTMMobile Test Model
MTMManufacturing Team Member
MTMMatrix Transformation Method
MTMMulti-Task Monitor
MTMMaintenance Test Module
MTMMilitary Training Manager
MTMMcLintock Theater Model
MTMMetric Ton of Metal
MTMMagnetic Tape Module
MTMMary T. Murphy School (Branford, CT)
MTMMass Thermal Mode
MTMModification Transmittal Memorandum
MTMMind To Machine
MTMManeuvering Tactical Missiles
MTMMaintenance Training Manager/Module
MTMMemory to Memory interface
MTMMaster in the Teaching of Mathematics
MTMMusic Tech Magazine (UK)
MTMMulti-Task Machining (a multiple spindle, metal cutting machine)
MTMMediterranean Travel Management (Mediterranean Travel Magazine)
MTMMusic That Matters (podcast)
MTMMotivating Team Members (business workshop)
MTMMovement-to-Music (software)
MTMMaking the Main (blog)
MTMMary Tyler Moore (actress)
MTMModular Tire Manufacturing
MTMMove the Money
MTMMonetary Transmission Mechanism (economics)
MTMMouth to Mouth
MTMMinistry to Men (Bartlett, TN)
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diamagnetic substances and paramagnetic materials) or current meta-materials for static magnetic fields [12,14].
Oliveira, "Suppression of Anderson localization of light and Brewster anomalies in disordered super-lattices containing a dispersive meta-material," Phys.
Evaluation of specific absorption rate (SAR) reduction for PIFA antenna using meta-materials," Frequent, 64(7-8): 144-149.
Landy explained the "reflections" noted in earlier cloaks tended to occur along the edges and corners of the spaces within and around the meta-material.
Cosmic mimics Simulations suggest that time travel is impossible in a meta-material universe (SN: 5/7/11 p.
This meta-material is thought to allow objects to appear exactly as they are rather than upside down, as seen in a normal convex or concave lens, Guenneau said.
By 2100, meta-material technologies, including the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct matter at atomic and subatomic levels to achieve desired properties, will begin radically transforming the physical sciences.
The meta-material based focal array (MMFA) technology is used to create steerable pencil pointing beams, dynamic beam tracking feature is tested in mobile scenario.
It also focuses on providing integrated sensor payloads and software for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft platforms and develops high energy lasers, electro-optic sensors, and meta-material antennas.
Multi-beam forming technology uses cutting-edge meta-material antennas.
EBG structure is one of the meta-materials with the property to suppress electromagnetic wave propagation (stop band) in a certain frequency band.
To address these issues, new technologies have been emerging recently, based on radically new concepts for flow and acoustic control, such as micro-electro-mechanical devices (MEMs), meta-materials, porous treatment of airframe surfaces, airfoil leading-edge or trailing-edge serrations, micro-jets, plasma actuation, Some of these new ideas appear nowadays promising, but it now appears to this consortium that the development and maturation of novel noise reduction technologies is hindered by three main factors.