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16,17) Plasma analysis of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol is a useful, highly accurate diagnostic tool in cases of suspected metabolic bone disease.
Biochemical studies are routinely used in the identification of metabolic bone disease and whilst hypocalcaemia and hypophosphatemia can be characteristic of osteomalacia, an increase in the levels of serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is the most common biochemical sign.
Recently, we encountered four patients with previous gastric bypass surgery who had metabolic bone disease similar to that reported in the older literature in patients who had partial gastrectomies.
After obtaining informed consent, we collected venous blood samples from 18 patients with metabolic bone disease into lithium heparin--containing, EDTA-containing, and serum Sarstedt blood-collection systems.
Crohn's disease can lead to metabolic bone disease and an increased incidence of fractures.
Paediatric endocrinology deals with endocrine-related conditions in children, including type1 and type2 diabetes, growth disorders, obesity, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary gland disorders, problems of puberty, hypoglycaemia, calcium and metabolic bone disease, sexual ambiguity and menstrual disorders, endocrine tumours and other conditions related to hormones.
Osteoporosis (literally "porous bones") is the most common metabolic bone disease and causes the bones to become more and more fragile, leading to an increased risk of fracture, particularly of the spine, wrist, hip, pelvis and upper arm.
He is also chief of the metabolic bone disease service and medical director of the Osteoporosis Prevention Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery.
She also toured the Centre for Metabolic Bone Disease in the city which researches osteoporosis which killed her mother and gran.
Camilla, whose mother Rosalind Shand died of osteoporosis, was spending time talking to patients being treated at the Centre for Metabolic Bone Disease at Hull Royal Infirmary.
Ortolani of the Center for Metabolic Bone Disease, Milan.
Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease characterized by low bone mass, which causes bones to become brittle and fracture.