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The case of Metallgesellschaft, for example, sparked a debate among academics because it may be a case of miscalculation of the hedge.
Parsons, 1995, Maturity Structure of a Hedge Matters: Lessons From the Metallgesellschaft Debacle, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 8(1): 106-121.
Moreover, some of the biggest speculative failures--including Barings, Metallgesellschaft, and the Hunts--took place primarily on exchanges.
I presume it would be an agreed takeover that would let Metallgesellschaft exit the business,' said industry analyst Mr Peter DuPont at Commerzbank in London.
Metallgesellschaft $1,340,000,000 Energy derivatives.
The problem resulting from that interconnectedness has been highlighted by such events as the crisis of the German MNC Metallgesellschaft, which arose due to the financial crisis of its US-subsidiary, cf.
Information bulletins of Megum Adhesives (Chemetall Metallgesellschaft GmbH), Chemlok Adhesives (Lord Corporation, Elastomer Products Division), Chemosil Adhesives (Henkel), Thixon Adhesives (Morton Chemical Corporation, Adhesives Division).
3 For example, see the heated discussion of the form of risk management carried out by Metallgesellschaft by Culp and Miller (1995) and Mello and Parsons (1995).
Well-publicized trading losses affecting Orange County, Barings Bank and Metallgesellschaft are three examples that reinforce the need for effective risk management and internal controls.
strategy used by Metallgesellschaft precipitated a liquidity crisis
Shares of Metallgesellschaft AG, one of Germany's largest trading firms and construction firms, fell 75 percent after the firm blamed its former oil trading chief for losing more than $1 billion.
The episodes examined involve the firms of Metallgesellschaft AG and Barings PLC.