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METMetallica (band)
METMechanical Engineering Technology (college course)
METManufacturing Engineering
METMethionine (Amino Acid)
METMetabolic Equivalent
METMetafile (filename extension OS/2 operating system)
METMission Elapsed Time (NASA)
METMiddle European Time (CET)
METMission Essential Task
METMemory Enhancement Technology
METMathematics Education Trust
METMaximum Execution Time
METMinistère Wallon de l'Equipement et des Transports (Belgium)
METMind's Eye Theatre
METMaster of Educational Technology
METMultiple-Employer Trust
METMassachusetts Environmental Trust
METMobile Enforcement Team
METMicroscopie Électronique en Transmission (French: Transmission Electron Microscopy)
METMicrocurrent Electrical Therapy
METMarine Engineering Technology
METMultidisciplinary Evaluation Team
METMechanical Engineering Team
METMobile Education Team
METMeteorological Team
METModularized Equipment Transporter
METMobile Equipment Transporter (Apollo Program)
METMultimedia En Telecommunicatie (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
METMany Electron Theory
METMain Earthing Terminal
METMultibutton Electronic Telephone
METMy Ego Times (website)
METMobile Environmental Team
METMaryland Electrical Testing (Baltimore, MD)
METManagement Engineering Team
METMean Effective Temperature
METMaster Energy Therapist
METMicroEnergy Technologies, Inc.
METMission Event Time
METMobile Equipment Technology
METMetabolic Units Above Resting
METMedium Energy Telescope
METManagement Emphasis Tracking
METMulti-image Exploitation Toolkit
METMerchandise Enforcement Team (US Customs and Border Protection)
METMulti-Service Execution Team (US DoD)
METMeridiano Tecnologias
METMilitary Effects Test/Tower
METMaintenance Engineering Technique
METMedical Education Training (various locations)
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29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Grammy Award-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Metallica have teamed with Armada, the ski industry's original athlete-owned and independent ski and outerwear manufacturer, to create their own limited edition signature ski line for the 2015-16 ski season.
This is not the first time Anselmo talked against Metallica and "Load.
It will be the first time Metallica, known for hits including Enter Sandman but who recently collaborated with the late Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed, will have performed at the festival.
The news may shock Glastonbury purists but Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said: "For better or worse, we're coming.
Birth School Metallica Death: The Biography, Volume 1 details the life of the heavy metal band Metallica from the childhood years of their frontmen James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich and the success of their first albums to their ongoing popularity.
It's a beautiful cycle, because they think we inspire them (the Metallica fans), but they inspire us.
Recently, Metallica said about prices ranging from $US8000 ($A7760) to $US10,000 ($A9700) for 99.
He has been a company geologist with BHP Gold Mines Ltd, Perseverance Corporation Ltd and Cracow Mining Venture and a consulting geologist for various exploration companies until his full time role with Metallica in 1997.
Seven local bands will rip a hole in the sound barrier this Friday at a one-off tribute to thrash metal giants Metallica.
Hogan, 56, (real name Terry Bollea) played bass guitar in high school and was almost on the verge of giving up fighting at the height of success if Metallica had answered his calls.
Thrash the guitar controller, rip on the drum-kit and wail on the mic to a set list of more than 25 explosive hits from Metallica.
The new drum difficulty setting, for all platform versions of Guitar Metallica, offers an authentic experience with note- for- note tracking, Metallifacts, which, after nailing a song, players enjoy a virtual concert filled with facts and trivia about the song.