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METEOSATMeteorological Satellite
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The Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) program will expand into the 2020-2040 timeframe and massively improve the services currently delivered by the Meteosat Second Generation series in support of nowcasting and very short-range forecasting of high impact weather over Europe and Africa.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Meteosat weather satellites have provided valuable data in correlating rainfall and the amount of green vegetation with the density of the mosquito population.
Geostationary satellites like Meteosat and GOES imager/sounder cloud mask have very high temporal resolution of 15 and 30 minutes respectively but are limited by low and variable spatial resolution from the equator to the poles as a result of the curvature of the Earth (Menzel, Purdom 1994).
Asi pues, las proporcionadas por el conocido satelite Meteosat son frecuente que aparezcan pero tambien las de los satelites Goes o NOAA (4).
2004, Synergetic use of GPS water vapor and meteosat images for synoptic weather forecasting.
He added: "And from a Eumetsat perspective, this really emphasises the crucial role of the Meteosat Third Generation mission which is now being debated.
The European weather satellite Meteosat 8, on the other hand, had clearly detected the explosion with its 3.
The fireball also showed up as indistinct blips in nighttime visual and infrared images acquired by the European Space Agency's Meteosat 8 weather satellite.
1986) for estimating insolation over Europe from METEOSAT images also suffers from a standard error of [+ or -] 30J[m.
ALERT Met Office website carries warning; DELUGE The huge storm heading our way today Meteosat 8pm 8/7/08