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MDIModern(ized) Demolition Initiators
MDIMultiple Document Interface
MDIMount Desert Island (Maine, USA)
MDIMetered-Dose Inhaler (International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium)
MDIManagement Development Institute (India)
MDIMentor, Discover, Inspire (men's group)
MDIMichelson Doppler Imager
MDIMap Definition
MDIMulti Drawing Interface
MDIMedia Dependant Interface
MDIMazda Digital Innovation
MDIMachine Debugger Interface
MDIMeta Data Interchange
MDIMeldpunt Discriminatie Internet (Dutch: Internet Discrimination Hotline)
MDIMedium Dependent Interface (IEEE)
MDIMultiple Daily Injections (insulin)
MDIManual Data Input
MDIMedia Delivery Index (video monitoring)
MDIMotor Development International (Luxemburg and France)
MDIMicrosoft Document Imaging
MDIMedia Dependent Interface
MDIMedical Devices International (Alpharetta, GA)
MDIMini Dental Implant
MDIMental Developmental Index
MDIMaximum Demand Indicator (electricity)
MDIMinisterium des Innern (Department of the Interior, former East Germany)
MDIMonolithic Dome Institute (Italy, TX)
MDIMarkaz-Ud-Dawa-Wal-Irshad (Muslim organization, India)
MDIMultidirectional Instability
MDIModel-Driven Integration (software design)
MDIMissouri Department of Insurance
MDIMobile Data Initiative
MDIMetal Detectors, Inc. (Oregon)
MDIMiss Distance Indicator
MDIMethylene Diphenylene Diisocyanate
MDIMichigan Dyslexia Institute, Inc (Lansing, Michigan)
MDIMedia Dynamics, Inc. (Nutley, NJ)
MDIMonitoring Division Incorporated
MDIMemory Display Interface
MDIMontgomery Design International (Westmont, IL)
MDIMission Dependency Index
MDIMean Daily Intake
MDIMultiplex Device Interface
MDIMultiple Dose Inhaler
MDIMedically-Determined Impairment
MDIMinor Disciplinary Infractions (various US military branches)
MDIManaging for Daily Improvement
MDIMultiple Dwelling Inspector (New Jersey)
MDIMadawaska Doors, Inc. (Canada)
MDIMarket Development Index
MDIMutual Design and Implementation
MDIMinimum Discriminative Information
MDIMechanical Design Integration
MDIManagement of Digital Information (Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
MDIManual Data Interchange
MDIMetric-Driven Incentives
MDIManaged Desktop Infrastructure
MDIMessage Data Interface
MDIMixer Diode Implant
MDIMilitary Disabling Injury
MDIMeets Design Intent (Ford Motor Company)
MDIModified Dipole Interaction
MDIMinimum Detectable Irradiance
MDIMulti-purpose Digital Indicator
MDIMultimedia Document Interface
MDIModern Demolition Initiation
MDIMicrosoft Data Interchange
MDIMobil Data International, Incorporated
MDIMultiprofessional Directorate Intranet (Healthcare)
MDIMillennium Development Indicator
MDIMunazzamat el da Wa Al'islamiya
MDIMetropolitan Door Industries Corp. (Garden City Park, NY)
MDIMines Development Inc.
MDIMarketing Dimensions, Inc. (est. 1999)
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The deposition pattern of inhaled drug is determined by multiple factors including the device used, aerosol formulation, particle size, use of a spacer, especially with metered-dose inhalers (MDI) and the patient's inhalation technique.
Inhaler technique of elderly patients: comparison of metered-dose inhalers and large volume spacer devices.
The percentage of steps completed correctly by the nurses ranged from 35% with the dry powder inhaler to 77% with the metered-dose inhaler.
These studies have shown that nebulizers are used correctly more often than metered-dose inhalers, and young age is highly associated with improper use using a metered-dose inhaler and holding chamber, which could explain the higher risk reduction in the 0-4 years group with the nebulizer delivery, said Dr.
Previous studies investigating proper use of device and technique have shown that nebulizers are used correctly more often than metered-dose inhalers, and that young age is highly associated with improper use in children using a metered dose inhaler and holding chamber, which could explain the higher risk reduction in the 0-4 years group with the nebulizer delivery, said Dr.
Technique with large volume spacer (LVS) and metered-dose inhaler (MDI) after tuition on day 1 (40 patients)
The use of a metered-dose inhaler with a spacer and a mask can be very effective--with some patient education--both in the emergency department and at home, Dr.
9 December 2011 - US Pearl Therapeutics Inc unveiled on Wednesday encouraging top-line data from a randomised, double-blind, Phase IIb, dose-ranging trial of glycopyrrolate, a long-acting muscarinic agonist (LAMA) delivered twice a day (BID) via metered-dose inhaler (GP MDI; PT001) in patients with moderate-to-severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Within 3 months of having a normal pulmonary function test, "Abby" became short of breath at school and used her metered-dose inhaler.
Dry-powder inhalers clearly deliver medicine to the lower airways better than the metered-dose inhaler, Dr.