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Most of the harm comes from methylmercury bioaccumulation, which is the buildup of the element in tissue that occurs when moving up the food chain.
In Smith's installation the endless parade of automobiles refers to the mobility of this particulate matter and its accumulation in the world's oceans and seas where it is converted to methylmercury.
This advisory completely ignores more than a dozen scientific studies since 2004 that suggest that methylmercury is more damaging than previously documented," according to Michael Bender, director of Mercury Policy Project, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization.
Understanding how mercury and methylmercury enters the environment, how it accumulates in fish and seafood and its impact on human health, means educated decisions can be made about the products delivered to and eaten by consumers.
The developing nervous system is particularly sensitive to methylmercury exposure.
Inorganic mercury found in low concentrations in Clear Lake builds up in organisms and is converted to methylmercury.
The problem is that we don't know where methylmercury comes from.
The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act pegs the tolerable level of methylmercury concentrates in fish at .
The amount of methylmercury in fish varies widely depending on the type of fish.
Mercury is toxic even at low concentrations, particularly the organic form, methylmercury.
Exposure to methylmercury (MeHg) from fish and marine mammal consumption continues to present a public health concern in Canada and elsewhere.
1) The amount of methylmercury increases exponentially as microorganisms are consumed by larger microorganisms, which are then eaten by successively larger organisms, fish and animals.