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A previous ORNL-led study, published in Science in 2013, unlocked the genetic code that led scientists to accurately identify microbes responsible for methylmercury production in the environment.
Prenatal exposure to methylmercury was determined from mercury analysis of umbilical cord blood samples collected at birth (CB-Hg in [micro]g/L).
But the study, published in the journal Science Advances, also found that reducing phytoplankton would be replaced by bacteria, and the phenomenon could increase the possibility of methylmercury reaching zooplankton and bigger fish.
If local geochemical conditions conspire to create methylmercury, on the other hand, this compound readily interacts with some of our most vital tissues--including the highly sensitive blood-brain barrier, where it can irreparably damage the nervous system.
Cognitive deficit in 7-year-old children with prenatal exposure to methylmercury," Neurotoxicology and Teratology, vol.
In Smith's installation the endless parade of automobiles refers to the mobility of this particulate matter and its accumulation in the world's oceans and seas where it is converted to methylmercury.
Understanding how mercury and methylmercury enters the environment, how it accumulates in fish and seafood and its impact on human health, means educated decisions can be made about the products delivered to and eaten by consumers.
Thimerosal contains a small amount of methylmercury, a neurotoxicant that may cause developmental delays.
The EU adopted, in 2005, a strategy to reduce the release of mercury into the environment, reduce production and demand and ensure protection against exposure, in particular to methylmercury in fish and other seafood.
When mercury falls into a waterbody, bacteria in the sediment can convert it to methylmercury, a form of the metal that dissolves in water.
Calculations showed that some infants could receive, during their first year of life, doses of ethylmercury from childhood vaccines that exceeded limits set for methylmercury exposure established by some public health and environmental agencies.