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One possible explanation is that methylxanthines are available in the public health system.
3) Samples from three populations of Ilex paraguariensis collected from three different states in Brazil were examined for methylxanthine content by undergoing soluble chloroform fraction of the whole dried leaves (epicuticular wax) and, in some selected samples, the residual crushed leaves as well.
Fact: In the early 1980s, women with fibrocystic breast disease - a condition characterized by painful but noncancerous breast lumps - were told they could control or cure it by removing from their diets all methylxanthines, a group of compounds that includes caffeine.
There are three classes of bronchodilators: anticholinergics, methylxanthines, and beta adrenergic agonists.
Although methylxanthine has been largely withdrawn from COPD treatment in major markets, it is still extensively used in China at various disease stages.
Second, studies are needed to measure changes in catecholamine or methylxanthine concentrations in response to acute caffeine intake.
For that reason, it has been my practice to reserve high-dose iodine therapy for women who do not respond to more conservative measures such as methylxanthine avoidance and supplementation with vitamin E.
In addition, restriction was imposed on the intake of methylxanthine containing beverages, as well as on the consumption of grapefruit juice.
Previous papers have reported that artificial parthenogenesis in sea stars can be induced--for example, by treatment with thymol or methylxanthine (Obata and Nemoto, 1984; Washitani-Nemoto et al.
The methylxanthine theophylline is effective in COPD, but is used less often than inhaled bronchodilators because of the potential for toxicity, given its narrow therapeutic index.
Researchers from the National Heart and Lung Institute of the Imperial College, London, examined the effects of theobromine, a methylxanthine derivative of cocoa, on cough.
Adding inhaled methylxanthine to initial bronchodilator therapy offered a small benefit in just one of three studies.