METIAManaging Emerging Technologies in Asia (conference)
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Hyundai Metia is a company specializing in die casting while Hyundai Wisco a specialist in metal forging.
Both Emakina and Metia Group are at the forefront of this evolution, creating consistent international brand experiences that leverage the full potential of the digital world.
ShowMe London is a Metia Labs development project undertaken with the support of Pearson's Future Technologies team.
By taking full advantage of the Windows Phone operating system, Metia was able to build a mobile shopping experience that is lightning fast, providing AmazonFresh customers the convenience of managing their grocery orders where and when they want.
It's always great to know that our clients trust us with their critical business solutions," stated Andrew Martin, Vice President of Seattle-based Metia Solutions, Inc.
With the arrival of SharePoint 2010 we saw that our customers needed a solution to the challenge of content migration," said Steve Ellis, CEO, Metia.
Contact: Metia, Nicola Garvin, Tel: +44(0)20-3100-3586, Email: metiagoldensource@metia.
Press contact: Metia, Andy Martinus, Tel: +44(0)20-3100-3585, Email: MetiaGoldenSource@metia.
For further information contact: Andy Martinus/Kate Reid, Metia Ltd, +44(0)203-100-3585/3617, andy.
If you would like to learn more about how data management can help monitor exposure to risks, please contact Katie Horrex at Metia to schedule a time with Gert Raeves, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions at GoldenSource for an interview.