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All three cities feature metre-gauge networks, which are electrified at 600V dc.
He said while the metre-gauge train used to carry between 20 and 30 containers, the SGR train will carry approximately 216 containers.
Under the new schedule, which took effect on December 1, the metre-gauge train has been leaving Syokimau station at 6:40am to arrive in Nairobi at 7:27am.
Bolivian Andean Railway (FCA) has offered Stadler a contract for three metre-gauge South American Light (Sali) locomotives to be run in Bolivia and neighbouring South American countries.
In spite of Ferrovias application to renew the deal, the government of Argentina has decided not to extend the contract held by operator Ferrovias for the 54km metre-gauge Belgrano North passenger line from Retiro Belgrano station to Villa Rosa.
The project required to remove one of the two diesel engines in a Feve class 2600 two-car metre-gauge DMU and fit an LNG engine.
First of all, entire metre-gauge section in North-east region has been fully converted into broad-gauge line.
7m) to assist with the maintenance of Tanzania Railways 2700km metre-gauge network.
The line will also connect Chinas Yuxi -Mohan railway with Thailands metre-gauge line to Bangkok, reported Railway Gazette.
The metre-gauge LRVs will be 2300mm wide with a 100% low floor.
Contract Awarded to Deliver of an initial batch of 13 metre-gauge inter-city coaches.
Installation of one camera will be in the metre-gauge railway station near the entrance.