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MGALMemphis Germantown Art League (Tennessee)
MGALMounted Games Association Luxembourg
MGALMega Gallon
mGalMilli-Galileo (unit of gravity)
MGALMarine Gravity Acquisition Limited
MGALMultichannel Gradient Adaptive Lattice
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2 mm gravimetric correction is caused by a 1 mGal change in the gravity field (Fig.
where the height H of the computation point is in metres and the resulting anomaly is in mGal (provided that g and [[gamma].
The negative gravity anomaly down to -40 mGal occurring here can be explained by the mass deficit produced mainly by the light (2680-2710 kg/[m.
The best precisions are 2 mGal, 3 mGal, 2 mGal and 1 mGal in test areas ([Z.
MgAl alloy mainly applied in commercial laptops and medium- and high-end laptops, the sales performance of those is not considerable.
However, the mean FAGA of 17 mGals indicates that the mean terrain is isostatically disturbed.
67 and 1544,725 meters above sea level, presenting Bouguer anomalies in the range of 57,79 to 65,27 mGal, from North to South respectively, as shown in Figure 7.
Gauta, kad normalinio aukscio standartinio nuokrypio ivertis taske, nutolusiame 1 km atstumu nuo pradinio tasko, yra 0,5 mm (kai sunkio nustatymo vidutine kvadratine klaida 1 mGal) ir 0,57 mm, kai sunkio nustatymo vidutine kvadratine klaida 5 mGal.