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MHEGMultimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group
MHEGMultimedia Hypermedia Experts Group (IEEE)
MHEGMidwest Housing Equity Group, Inc.
MHEGMontana Higher Education Grant
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The International MHEG Promotion Alliance (IMPALA) welcomed the launch of the BBC iPlayer on Freeview HD.
In addition, the CI+ Profile in MHEG provides restrictions on what MHEG Application Authors can do in line with the CI+ specification.
The inclusion of MHEG in the CI Plus specification means it is relatively easy to develop, deploy and update such dynamic applications to a broad range of suitably equipped CE devices.
tv, a leading global provider of set-top box middleware for the cable, satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications industry, announces the integration of RedKey - the market leading MHEG 5 engine, into its set-top box middleware stack; Iris.
But it's not all about IPTV - the broadcast media cannot be ignored, and the manufacturers need to source MHEG middleware, for example, to provide complete solutions.
He adds: "Our HbbTV solution will be a combination of market-leading technologies from both Access and S&T, offering manufacturers an interactive-TV plug-in that will support not only HbbTV but also HD MHEG, Interaction Channel and CI+ browser functionality, and will build on our mature and well-documented RedKey 2 interface.
By combining the technologies with its existing software interfaces, S&T will offer existing RedKey MHEG licensees a simple and efficient route to HbbTV, and offer new licensees the opportunity to address both HbbTV and MHEG markets in a single design.
Ken Helps, CEO of Ocean Blue explains why: "As a player in the digital TV industry we feel it is our responsibility to contribute towards the progression of both the MHEG and CI+ markets," Helps continues.
The Tioga typeface meets text requirements as outlined by various technology specifications, including those from the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting Project), MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), DTG (Digital Television Group), MHEG (Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Expert Group), as well as the OpenCable CableLabs specification known as Tru2way[TM] technology.
The Freeview EPG is a customised version of S&T's MHEG Guide product and will be available on all Freeview EPG-branded receivers that go on sale in Australia starting this month.
In addition, S&T is presenting the following products and solutions: Redkey 2, TBBroadcaster 2, TSMonitor, MHEG EPG and the MHEG Presenter