MIBUMission Integration Business Unit (defense work; Virginia)
MiBuMethyl Isobutyrate
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MIBU continues to provide entrepreneurial education and inspiration through MIBU University, its e-newsletter, and its website.
MIBU hosts annual conferences (in five cities as of 2011) that feature passionate, expert instructors and relevant business topics in a truly unique learning environment.
Mompreneur Grant: MIBU will award a cash grant to a mom business owner with an innovative business idea who is in need of capital to take her business to the next level.
On behalf of the MIBU committee, I would like to congratulate the award winners," said Randa Cote, Moms in Business Unite chairwoman, mother and founder of SPE Solutions.
At the conference, MIBU will be hosting an inventor-led breakout session where inventors can share ideas and learn valuable information from each other.
My Man of the Year Award: MIBU will also honor an extraordinary man who has supported a working mother while she pursues her entrepreneurial endeavors.
MIBU also announced the Inventor Showcase participants: Stylista Groupe, Madam Perea; The Highchair Organizer, Abraxas Abrams-Pickens; Sahaja Meditation, Ruby Nayar; Tell the Parents, Aimee Kendall; MMJ Labs LLC, Amy Baxter; and Nuvovisage, Helenya Gradidge.
The third annual San Diego MIBU Conference will feature keynote speaker Lorin Beller Blake of Big Fish Nation, an expert on female entrepreneurship; a stellar lineup of more than 15 session speakers, including TLC's "Homemade Millionaire" co-star Wendy Robbins; and a New Inventor Showcase, resource marketplace, networking lunch, and reception/awards ceremony.
We're very honored to appear on this list with other premier mom-owned businesses from across the country," said Randa Cote, MIBU president.
We realize it seems like August is a long time from now, but the conference will be here before we know it," said Cristen Lebsack, MIBU VP Finance & Operations.
The fact that a member of our MIBU family is affected brings this disaster very close to home, so we want to do all we can to offer support.
com/moms-in-business-unite, will feature Robin Kaplan, founder of San Diego Breastfeeding Center and MIBU Social Media committee chair, discussing how to get your message noticed using social media.