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Petrov, the bank director, had twelve thousand; Sventitsky, a company director, had seventeen thousand; Mitin, who had founded a bank, received fifty thousand.
The idea of embedding quantum dots into solar panels is not new as according to Vladimir Mitin, a SUNY Distinguished Professor, scientists had proposed about a decade ago that this technique could improve efficiency by allowing panels to harvest invisible, infrared light in addition to visible light.
Through UB's Office of Science, Technology Transfer and Economic Outreach (STOR), Mitin and his colleagues have filed provisional patent applications to protect their technology.
Clean technology will really benefit the region, the state, the country," Mitin said.
With high-efficiency solar cells, consumers can save money and providers can have a smaller solar field that produces more energy," Mitin added.
Newly qualified Dr Mitin Kerai was ordered to pay pounds 4,257 to Natalie Herman for constructive dismissal while she was on maternity leave after the birth of her daughter.
Dentist Mitin Kerai of Trelai Dental Clinic and, inset, receptionist Natalie Herman
Acting Governor of Murmansk Region Alexander Tyukavin, Governor of Novgorod Region Sergey Mitin, Federation Council members, State Duma deputies, representatives of ministries and government agencies, Acron Coordinating Board Chairman Viatcheslav Kantor, Acron and NWPC top managers, and representatives of local authorities, corporate partners, and design and research institutes took part in the ceremony.
Deputy Economy Minister Sergei Mitin said the law would give the government control over such equipment, making it more difficult to buy and sell.