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MIASSManufacturing Information Access Software System
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3) Institute of Mineralogy, Urals Branch of RAS, 456317 Miass, Russia.
Parishioners in Miass feared that they would lose the church as a result.
Locality: Ilmen Mountain, South Urals, Ilmen Nature Reserve, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia.
Address : The Russian Federation, 456660, Chelyabinsk region, Miass with Street pioneer, 39
Locality: In a small unnamed placer deposit in the upper Miass River, South Urals, Russia.
Address : 456300 Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Miass, st.
The southern region around Miass in the Ilmen Mountains was heavily mined during the 19th century and produced primarily clear topaz crystals (3-4 kg) of complex forms and rare green beryls (to 25 cm) associated with amazonite in miarolitic pegmatites.
The right to enter into an Agreement for demolition, construction, installation and commissioning works on the project: "Construction of 10 kV projected cell of Substation" Miass "ON-10 kV overhead line, 10 / 0.
Farther afield, these minerals are also present in the cryolite deposits of Ivigtut, Greenland (Petersen and Secher, 1993) and at Miass (Miask) in the Ural Mountains of Russia (Palache et al.