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MPŠMinistarstvo Poljoprivrede, Šumarstva I Vodnoga Gospodarstva (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestery and Water management, Croatia)
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The fabulous simulation from Microprose gives you the chance to construct some of the most death-defying rollercoaster rides ever.
Taking a lot of the elements from Microprose sim game, Railway Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon is all about thrills and spills.
But in 1982, bitten with the gaming bug, he quit to co-found MicroProse, where he wrote the first-ever flight simulator game, F-15 Strike Eagle.
But it is when the racing is under way that Microprose really shows its technical expertise, albeit at the cost of substantial amounts of memory (beware - you will need to keep 48Mb of space free, even after loading).
We've teamed up with MICROPROSE and TEAM 17 for one of our readers to win this great prize.
We've teamed up with MICROPROSE and TEAM 17 for one of our readers to win a fantastic limited edition Pink Intel Pentium P200 MMX computer (worth pounds 2,000), uniquely airbrushed with the Worms 2 artwork.
MicroProse uses this principle especially well, Levison notes; its Web site (www.
The company, which will be headquartered near Spectrum Holobyte's Microprose divison, in Hunt Valley, Md.
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We've got 10 copies of the sharp-shooting PC game TOP GUN: HORNET'S NEST, from Microprose, to give away FREE.
We've teamed up with MicroProse, world-famous publishers of computer leisure software, to offer you the chance to own their award-winning game Formula One Grand Prix.
Indy Car Racing, Microprose Grand Prix and Super Karts are all contained on White Lines, offering enough variety to keep most players interested.