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Key Topics Covered: 1 Introduction 2 Research Methodology 3 Executive Summary 4 Premium Insights 5 Market Overview 6 Industry Trends 7 Nanosatellite And Microsatellite Market Analysis, By Solution 8 Nanosatellite And Microsatellite Market Analysis, By Mass 9 Nanosatellite And Microsatellite Market Analysis, By Application 10 Nanosatellite And Microsatellite Market Analysis, By Vertical 11 Geographic Analysis 12 Competitive Landscape 13 Company Profiles 14 Appendix For more information visit http://www.
Microsatellite markers have shown widespread utility for assaying genetic population structure, particularly in organisms showing low variability visible by other techniques (Estoup et al.
net/projects/ palfinder/), 5,874,294 reads were screened for microsatellite arrays that contained a minimum of 12 repeats.
The 41 pairs of primers described above were used for screening microsatellite polymorphism.
Here we describe an approach for determination of MSI by NGS (mSINGS) based on microsatellite markers which are incidentally included in targeted gene capture sequencing data.
Microsatellite haplotypes were constructed by combining alleles detected in each of the 3 microsatellite loci.
Microsatellite instability tumors show few large-scale genomic alterations and have a distinct gene mutation profile, including mutations in coding microsatellite sequences in TGFBR2 and BAX.
The molecular and allele frequencies for the eight microsatellite loci of young Caspian salmon results from a cross of 27 female to 3 from 27 group of male brood fish are shown in table 1.
Fifteen microsatellite loci, described by Jouquand et al.
Three polymorphic microsatellite makers were developed and characterized using the Fast Isolation by AFLP of Sequences Containing repeats (FIASCO) protocol.
They are combining conventional microsatellite analysis with population-assignment techniques to pinpoint the migratory patterns and origins of dispersing boll weevils.