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Also the power dissipation is reduced from microwatts to nanowatts.
Targeted toward systems such as wireless sensor networks (WSN), the bq25570 features a small footprint and is designed with a DC/DC boost converter/charger requiring only microwatts of power to begin operating.
To put the figure of 88,000 microwatts per square meter into context, the upper limit for exposure to RFR suggested by the scientists who collaborated on the Biolnitiative Report (www.
Figure 4 shows the computed retinal exposure hazard level in units of microwatts at the retina as ranges for the conditions listed in Figure 3.
Auto Wake-Up on Approach at 150 microwatts current consumption, enabling always-on gesture sensing in power-constrained mobile applications
At that the optimal frequency, a millimetre-radius coil is capable of harvesting more than 50 microwatts of power, well in excess of the needs of a recently demonstrated eight-microwatt pacemaker.
1 percent of the full-scale field range, high sensitivity up to 6 mV/V/Oe, and power consumption as low as five microwatts, which have never before been realised by any magnetic field sensor.
The power density is also well within guidelines, with that produced by the ProVision body scanner measured at between 40 and 640 microwatts per square metre - several thousand times less than the 10 watts per square metre standard.
The new 254-nm lamps produce UV energy in the range of 500 microwatts per centimeter A 254-nm lamp would need more than 100 seconds to deactivate.
The radio wave exposure standard in the US, Canada, and Germany is 200 to 1000 microwatts per square centimeter ([mu]W/[cm.
Transmitting the microwatts of energy via radio frequency waves to an antenna on the contact lens has proved to be a safer and more power-efficient alternative than using batteries, he says.