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MKMagic Kingdom (Disney)
MKMary Kay (cosmetics company)
MKMortal Kombat
MKMario Kart (video game)
MKMilton Keynes
MKMushroom Kingdom (Mario video games)
MKMark Knopfler (singer/songwriter)
MKMein Kampf (German: My Struggle)
MKMaster Key
MKMahkamah Konstitusi (Indonesia)
MKUmkhonto We Sizwe (Afrikaans-Spear of the Nation, South African Black Underground Movement)
MKUmkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation)
MKMember of Knesset (Israeli Parliament)
MKMacedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of) (ISO Country Identifier)
MKAir Mauritius (IATA airline code)
MKMountain King (gaming)
MKMorrison Knudsen
MKMong Kok (Hong Kong)
MKMichelle Kwan (figure skater)
MKMarvel Knights (comic)
MKMissionary Kid
MKMercy Killing
MKMebyon Kernow (Cornish Nationalist Party)
MKMount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa)
MKMenkes Disease
MKMagyar Köztársaság (Republic of Hungary)
MKMachinery Technician (US Coast Guard Rating)
MKMaschinenkanone (German: machine cannon)
MKMarburger Konvent (federation German fraternities)
MKMontreal Kosher
MKManufacturing Knowledge
MKManual Keying
MKMystic Kingdom (online gaming)
mKMetre Kelvin (thermal conductivity watt per metre Kelvin)
MKMulty Kontact (UK plug and socket manufacturer)
MKM-M-M-M-Monster Kill (Unreal Tournament)
MKMonk Killers (gaming clan)
MKM. Karunanidhi (Indian politician)
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MIDKINE traveled directly to the new cancer site Irrespective of lymph vessel formation around the original tumors.
Whole-body imaging of lymphovascular niches identifies pre-metastatic roles of midkine.
Taking all these data into consideration, we designed a prospective trial to test the hypothesis whether midkine could represent an early biomarker of contrast nephropathy in patients with normal serum creatinine.
Serum midkine was measured using commercially available kits from Biovendor, Austria.
FGF-5 inhibitor hair growth products In 2010 Cellmid set up a dedicated subsidiary, Advangen International Pty Ltd, for the development of midkine for hair growth.
23 July 2013 - Australian biotech group Cellmid Ltd (ASX:CDY) said Monday that Japanese acrylic resin products maker Fujikura Kasei Co Ltd (TYO:4620) would exercise an option to license its midkine (MK) diagnostic technology for JPY 40 million (USD 401,000/EUR 304,000).
Expression of midkine in regenerating skeletal muscle fibers and cultured myoblasts of human skeletal muscle.
and SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- Celera Corporation (NASDAQ:CRA), a health care company focused on genetics, and Medical Therapies Limited (ASX:MTY), a biotechnology company developing midkine-related diagnostic and therapeutic products, have entered into an exclusive license agreement for the use of MTY's midkine patent portfolio for the development of novel lung cancer diagnostics.
Moreover, studies showed that GRNOPC1 secretes specific neurotrophic factors, including midkine, hepatocyte growth factor, activin A, transforming growth factor b and brain-derived neurotrophic factor.
In the published studies, GRNOPC1 was found to produce numerous neurotrophic factors, including transforming growth factor [eth]1 (TGF-[eth]1), transforming growth factor [eth]2 (TGF-[eth]2), activin A, midkine, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and hepatocyte growth factor (HGF).
receptor gamma coactivator 1 NELL1 Nel(chicken)-like 1 RGS13 Regulator of G protein sgnaling 1 GDS2 GO-G1 swdch gene 2 MDK Midkine ARMET Arginine-rich mutated kr early stage tumors STX1B2 Syntaxin 1B TEX14 Testis expressed sequence 14 KHDRBS3 RNA binding KH domain Cell signaling IFRD1 Similar to Rn.
RCT acquired optimized midkine and c-erbB-2 promoters from Prim'mune K.