MIL-SPECMilitary Specification
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For CHEMEON's prime contractors, military partners, and others that need further documentation of the Company's product name changes in order to amend specifications to reflect the CHEMEON name and mark, you are invited to provide us with an "amendment letter" that memorializes the name changes and warrants the product's Mil-Spec, QPD/QPL approval status.
MIL-spec tubing is offered standard in black with no slit; natural (clear) and/or slit versions are available, as well as with end cuffs to facilitate clamp attachments.
The exception are Night Hunter Mil-Spec models, guaranteed against leakage or fogging for 30 years
Supposedly, the high cost of mil-spec hardwareis justified by added performance, but usually this is about as smart a buy as the "extra strength' painkllers which contain a 50 percent higher dose at twice the price.
This new agreement with e2v allows us to add long-term production for all of our ceramic, metal can, and Mil-Spec devices, so that customers are assured of the ability to procure key devices over extended product lifetimes.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Core Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of rugged computer solutions, announced their expansion of onsite capabilities to include a new test facility, added to meet several MIL-SPEC requirements including vibration, humidity, and temperature.
Let's start first with what is known as a mil-spec forged GI-style receiver.
Syfer s products are of the highest quality, utilizing superior materials that span high-reliability, mil-spec and space level requirements.
The handle is is Mil-Spec G10/fr5, impervious to water, fluids and is fire-resistant.
Manufactured from the highest-quality tool steels, and protected with mil-spec powder coating, the UniPro rewrites the book on sight installation.
The mil-spec 1913 rail is machined into the hardcoat anodized alloy frame, providing a solid mounting point for lights, lasers and accessories.
Is the standard white mil-spec wiring in place in pins 1 and 2 going down to the thermistor?