MIL-SPECMilitary Specification
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Impact resistant rubber distributes shock through the case's frame and away from the tablet, helping the case achieve MIL-SPEC protection with a variety of tablet sizes.
Think of it as a mil-spec rifle--mil-spec upper (flattop) and lower, mil-spec trigger averaging 7.
This is a single-stage trigger with a better surface prep on the engagement surfaces and a Boron thermo-molecular surface coating, resulting in a much better trigger pull than the typical, gritty mil-spec setup.
Mencom MIL-Spec circular connectors are available in 4 shell sizes in 10SL, 14S, 16S and 18, which are fully inter-mateable with existing 5015 style connectors.
Because they are becoming more common place in industrial applications that need the ruggedness of the MIL-Spec design, but do not need the military specifications, Mencom has designed, and now offers an Industrial Equivalent, to the MIL-Spec 5015 connector series, in order to meet the strong demand from various industries.
In some cases, using a mil-spec device is the only option for a defense contractor.
To document Quanta Laboratories' Mil-Spec certification, the recognized and required Method 516.
Installation takes just minutes, and the product exceeds both Mil-Spec and Homeland Security durability test standards.
Sherwin-Williams will provide traditional MIL-Spec coatings as well as new technologies, including Fast Clad ER Epoxy, SeaGuard HMF and Euronavy ES301.
The HE-1400 and HE-1600 Series controllers, which are RollS compliant, feature wide tolerance power supplies (12 VDC [+ or -] 25%), locking connectors and low-mass tantalum capacitors for maximum tolerance to shock and vibration, Mil-spec silicon resin conformal coatings, laboratory-certified operating temperature ranges of -40[degrees]C to +80[degrees]C and calculated MTBF in excess of 150K hours (HE-1600) and 200K hours (HE-1400).
or -] 25 percent; locking connectors and low-mass tantalum capacitors for tolerance to shock and vibration; mil-spec silicon resin conformal coatings; and laboratory-certified operating temperature ranges from -40[degrees] to +80[degrees] C.
PWC paint does not conform to the MIL-SPEC and is not approved for use on aircraft or any other CARC-painted equipment.