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MILGEMMilli Gemi Projesi (National Ship Project, Turkey)
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Onur stated, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are mainly interested in the corvette project Milgem .
Construction of the first MILGEM class corvette, F-511 TCG Heybeliada, began on July 26, 2005.
The committee started discussions with Koc's RMK Marine Ship Building Yard to produce the six Milgem corvettes for the Navy.
The TCG Heybeliada has already been built and the TCG Buyukada has been put to sea, among the eight corvettes of the Milgem project.
This is despite the fact that Kalkavan tells Erdoy-an in the recording that he did not even officially apply to take part in the MilGem tender.
Even before the leaked tape conversation between Erdoy-an and Kalkavan became public, the suspicious circumstances of the MilGem tender being canceled in September of last year though Koc Holding's RMK Marine was close to signing a contract with the Undersecretariat for the Defense Industry (SSM) had already raised eyebrows.
The inspection office was acting on a complaint from Kalkavan's shipyard company that it was not included in the MilGem tender.
At the time, when the alleged conversation between Erdoy-an and Kalkavan was unknown, this columnist pointed out some bizarre things taking place behind the MilGem tender.
SSM was close to concluding contract talks with RMK Marine, a subsidiary of Koc Holding, for building six national corvettes for the Navy code named MilGem, to a cost of around $2 billion by the time the inspectors initiated the probe.
Construction of the first Milgem project ship, the Heybeliada, was completed in 2008, while the second ship, the BE-yE-kada, is under way.