MILIDMilitary Identification
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Essays and reports are presented on university approaches to integrating MILID, building from the local to the national, the influence of policy, MILID week, research, youth engaging with media and communication, UNESCO and the Alliance of Civilizations, and country and region reports.
Lying in a fertile plain watered by the Tohma River (a tributary of the Euphrates) and surrounded by high ranges of the eastern Taurus Mountains, the modern Malatya town was founded in 1838 near the sites of two earlier settlements: the ancient Hittite city of Milid, on the site of the present-day Arslantepe, 4 miles (6 km) north, and its successor, the Roman and medieval city of Melitene, now called Eski (Old) Malatya (6 miles [10 km] northeast).
The company's solutions increase productivity in the design of field-programmable gate arrayents of the worldwide electronics industry, including aerospace, telecommunications, industrial control, milid a software development center in Irvine, California.